Why am I feeling sad without any reason? I want to be happy. What should I do?

Why am I feeling sad without any reason? I want to be happy. What should I do? why am i feeling sad without any reason? i want to be happy. what should i do?

Once you’ve broken up with your ex, you may, at times, experience that initial burst of freedom or happiness that had long eluded you. You might start going back to the hobbies you had abandoned, working out, or simply taking better care of yourself. Perhaps you find a new job or even change countries or cities, and everything seems to be going well in your life.

The past now looks like something you used to know — just another memory. Your ex may even seem like a distant memory. However, you start realizing something: at times, you feel sad for no reason at all, or you go quiet, or you wake up crying, and no one did anything to you. Everything is going well, but for no apparent reason, you have moments where you feel sad, and you know this is not the normal kind of sadness. Your mood changes, and you even feel like you don’t enjoy those hobbies anymore. So why does this happen?

The main reason is that the sadness you’re experiencing is not a result of your current experiences but rather stuck emotions coming to the surface or seeping from the basement. When you’ve been through a number of negative experiences in the past and never fully expressed those emotions during the moment of the triggering event, which caused the sadness, those emotions get stored in your body. You may not have processed the sadness because you were young and were not given enough validation and support to process those healthy emotions. You were probably convinced that crying or feeling sad is wrong, and all you had to do is keep them bottled up deep inside.

Another thing is when you were in that relationship, you couldn’t really express yourself or convey your feelings and ended up bottling those sad feelings within the relationship. You couldn’t express yourself because you feared your partner would retaliate, or you didn’t want to feel like a burden to others or your family. When we don’t express emotions at the right moment, they never really go away; they get buried in our psyche as stuck emotions.

So, when you feel sad for no reason at all, it is simply a manifestation of your underlying issues or those emotions you’ve never really touched or processed. Your sadness is an indicator that there’s still something in your basement that needs to be cleared so that you can experience bliss and joy. If you feel sad for no reason, allow yourself to feel the sadness and be watchful of how your mind interprets those emotions. Your mind will probably make you berate yourself for feeling sad for no reason or it will whisper things like, ‘you don’t deserve happy things in life’ or ‘you’re not grateful for what you have.’ Your current identity will do everything to keep you in the sad state.

In conclusion, the emotions we never process or feel fully never really go away; they get compartmentalized as they wait for the perfect moment to show themselves or to be processed and released. So, even if you manage to do all the things you enjoy, or even if you don’t think about your ex after leaving that abusive relationship, it doesn’t mean you’ve fully flushed them out of your life, as they have probably still left an imprint inside you. Work on clearing those imprints, and you will truly be free of the past. By addressing those root causes, you can overcome the unexplained sadness in your life and live more happily and freely.

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