Maladaptive Daydreaming: What Can I Replace Daydreaming With?

Today, I’ll be answering the question of what you can replace daydreaming with. This is a very interesting question, actually, because, from what people say, daydreaming is taking away my life, and I want to replace it with something else—something healthy, or let’s call it a healthy coping mechanism.

I’ve seen people write suggestions like, ‘Oh, you can replace it with journaling, you can replace it with meditation, you can replace it with going to the gym.’ Yes, those are healthy coping mechanisms, and they can really help because you’ll not be spending much time in the imaginary world; you’ll be spending more time in this real world. But there’s a flip side to this. The thing you are replacing it with can also become another form of addiction because someone may be addicted to exercise, overworking, reading books, or social media.

So, the key to replacement should not be the goal. Replacing something which is maladaptive with something else can make that thing or the object of replacement maladaptive. It can be replacing it with, let’s say, overworking. Yes, you’re not daydreaming anymore, and you’re now overworking, but all these things will still have a negative impact on your life because you are just replacing things, but you’re not really looking at something very clear to you.

The fact that you’re engaging in maladaptive behavior or addictive behavior means that there are some underlying issues, some root causes, which are communicating to you that, ‘Hey, it’s been a while, like, just work on me, just process me.’

This can be your past traumas, your past negative experiences, your unhealed wounds, or all those things that are buried beneath the surface, which are controlling your life or making you live a life reactively, not proactively. You are living a life of a reaction from the past.

So, even if you find something to replace daydreaming with, it will still be a reaction from the past.

Instead of looking for something to replace daydreaming with, look for ways to process your emotions. It’s possible and easy, as long as you have effective therapy to deal with those emotions, like what I offer. You can deal with those emotions, and it doesn’t have to take years, like 5 years. No, even a month can be enough for you to deal with that pile of emotions you’ve never processed for 50 years, 40 years.

Because we think it’s hard, we think about it logically. No, when you logically think about it, you think it’s hard, but the thing we are working on is beyond your current logic. It’s in the unconscious part of your mind. When you work with those things buried in your unconscious mind, you work with the root of the problem. When you work with the root of the problem, you live a life where you don’t really need another coping mechanism to cope with your unprocessed emotions. You’ll now be processing the emotions as they come. Like, you feel sad, you cry, and it’s okay, but you’re not piling them up or looking for a channel or looking for a way to escape.

Because something can be a healthy coping mechanism, yes, but sometimes that healthy coping mechanism also becomes a crutch, also becomes an emotional crutch or something to hold on to. But when you really work on yourself on a deeper level, you’re not looking for crutches because you now understand that you don’t need crutches in your life, and the past doesn’t have much impact on your present life, or past emotions don’t hold you back to those past negative experiences.

That’s what deep healing and deep transformation are all about. It’s all about not looking for a replacement but working on underlying issues, processing underlying issues, challenging your negative beliefs, or just challenging those past aspects about yourself and getting to the point where you really connect with your authentic self.

So, don’t look for a replacement but look at processing those emotions and those negative experiences that are still holding you back.

Note from the Author

If you’re ready and you’d like my help with overcoming and managing maladaptive daydreaming without spending years in therapy, then you can book a FREE BREAKTHROUGH CALL with me HERE. Happy healing 💙💙. Feel free to share and comment! Use this information with caution, it comes from my own thoughts & bias, experiences and research😊.

Is day dreaming normal?

yes day dreaming is normal

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