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Break Free, Heal Strong: From Surviving to Thriving. Your Journey to Recovery Starts Here – Discover Answers, Self-Forgiveness, and the Power to Move Forward with Confidence!

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Heal The Pain

Heal & Process Your trauma Reconnect with your present self. Dissolve the barriers and past traumatic holding you back from living joyfully and presently

Love Who You Are

Come back into loving alignment with your true self. Shed the negative beliefs you have about yourself, regain self-worth and uphold healthy boundaries

Mind Shifting Coaching

Start creating a new reality for yourself without inner blockages holding you back. Fundamental shift in your perspective.

Anon h

I have always struggled with attracting narcissistic individuals. After just 4 weeks, the mindshift was amazing. I feel way happier, find it easy to follow through on promises I make to myself and maintain boundaries without feeling guilty.

Elizabeth Waithaka h

“Wow!! Edwin has helped me change alot of how I see the world. Having gone through childhood trauma, he used an effective practice called MindShifting to shift the emotions I had about what I went through to more positive emotions. I have learnt to be more compassionate to myself and others. I have seen so much growth in how I interact with family and friends due to Edwin and I am forever grateful.”

Alice Nana A

"Working with Edwin has been an enriching experience for me. Initially, I felt uninspired and unmotivated by a lot of things in my life. Edwin was able to take me through the Mindshifting program which brought about shifts in my thinking and essentially the way I felt. Edwin had been kind, calm and firm. All of which were attributes I felt have really helped me get to where I feel open and optimistic about life! It is such a relief to know that I can count on your support whenever I feel stuck Edwin. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend"

Dennis a

5 years relationship with my ex drained my personality, due to constant negative energy. But meeting Coach Edwin made me see the bigger picture of life and the necessity to prioritize my happiness. In less than a month, I felt the super-Dennis in me!

Carolyne Maritim D

“After our session, I felt my reality shift and was freed from a problem which had held me back for more than 5 years. The process was super fast and effective, that it even felt unbelievable .”

Elisa Thickson D

"Working with Bii has been a wonderful and amazing experience. He brings a lot of smile and laughter to our sessions. I take this laughter with me and always look forward to working with him. He also brings patience, understanding and love. He helped me uncover blocks that I was having when achieving my life goals. This has been very eye opening. He has alot of knowledge with toxic relationships and the expectations from it. I highly recommend working with Bii so you can experience this for yourself."


Having been stuck, unmotivated and helpless at one point in my life with no one to reach out to, I understood the power of personal development in reigniting the passion for life. My own journey lead me to digging myself out of the hole of despair into a passionate life I fully enjoy. And that’s why I chose to be a coach so that I can help others who feel stuck and trapped in various aspects of life to find their spark again.

As a certified Mind Shifting Coach, Bii is able to effectively transform a client’s reality by using a set of cutting-edge Mindshifting tools which permanently dissolve problems, release trauma and transform limiting beliefs in just a few minutes. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering but I …

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