What Karma Do Narcissists Experience?

What Karma Do Narcissists Experience? what karma do narcissists experience?
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Today, I’d like to answer a common question of how or whether a narcissist will finally get their karma for all the hurtful things they do. Let’s clear something up: karma isn’t some magical power delivering payback. At the core, karma is a spiritual principle which implies that every action we take has consequences for the future. Negative actions can bring more negativity, while kind actions can lead to positive outcomes. It’s all about how our actions create a cycle of cause and effect in our lives.

People often love imagining that narcissists will eventually face cosmic karma for being insufferable and abusive. And I get why — it’s tempting to think about them getting what they deserve, especially when you’re dealing with the pain, anger, and confusion after narcissistic abuse. The idea of your tormentor getting their punishment feels very satisfying… at first.

But here’s the harsh truth: obsessing over what “karma” your narcissistic ex might face is counterproductive to your healing. It keeps you mentally tied to them, and they don’t deserve even one more second of your thoughts. They have already done enough damage in your life for them to even get some headspace deep within you. You should be channelling all your energy to fully flush them out or rather work on the pain you’re feeling.

Think about it: if the only way you can feel “justice” is by imagining scenarios where the narcissist faces major misfortunes, public shaming, or complete life destruction, aren’t you still trapped by your trauma bond with them? You’re getting a twisted sense of satisfaction from staying emotionally invested enough to watch their downfall from a distance.

Meanwhile, the energy you waste staying hypervigilant about karma striking your ex like a thunderbolt is energy diverted from your own recovery. By unconsciously clinging to the victimhood narrative, you’re robbing yourself of the chance to rebuild. As long as your sense of resolution depends on the narcissist receiving catastrophic karma, they still have some control over your inner peace.


The only way to truly break trauma bonds is to reach a point where their existence and perceived fortunes — whether they’re thriving or failing — are completely irrelevant to your wellbeing. You’ll know you’ve healed when their name no longer triggers you, not because you’re obsessively imagining their downfall, but because they have become an invisible afterthought in your journey of thriving.

In fact, you could argue that the ultimate karmic justice for narcissists is their own diminished capacity to experience life’s full depth of meaning, beauty, and humanity. While you emerge from the shackles as a more compassionate, empowered, and grateful person, they remain stuck in a vortex of insatiable selfishness, envy, and emptiness. No ‘externally’ dictated “bad karma” could be a harsher prison sentence than that. You don’t need to see someone suffering physically to know they’re suffering. Internal suffering, which seems inescapable, is far worse.

So by all means, you can take solace in the belief that narcissists eventually reap what they sow in this life or the next. But don’t make the mistake of basing your own fulfillment and inner freedom on the need to witness their downfall. The most devastating blow you can deliver to the narcissist in your life is to heal and evolve so completely that you forget they ever held the key to your happiness.

As satisfying as it might feel to indulge in fantasies of karma-fueled demise once in a while, don’t let it become a harmful narrative that hinders your journey to a better life without them. Don’t give them that power anymore. Your journey to thriving despite their destructive path is the most profound karma they’ll face. As you heal and focus on yourself, you’ll realize how fortunate you are to overcome pain and embrace joy in life. You might even feel pity or empathy for them when they try to manipulate or play games to fill their inner emptiness.

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