Trust- The Hardest Thing To Have After Abuse

Trust- The Hardest Thing To Have After Abuse trust- the hardest thing to have after abuse

Trust is not an easy thing to have after leaving a toxic relationship. Toxic people can be so manipulative that they make you question your sense of reality. They may distort your thoughts and sense of reality through various forms of verbal abuse, such as gaslighting, name-calling, harsh criticisms, or blame-shifting. It’s a relationship where the more you stay, the more you question your sanity.

When you live life in this state, you may find it hard to differentiate between what’s true and what’s not because you’ve been constantly manipulated and called out to the point that you don’t even believe in your own judgments and decisions. You also feel that your judgments and decisions are what led you to those painful experiences of the past, so why trust them? We may even take the opinions of others as the ultimate truth apart from our own.

Trust is foundational in any relationship, as your partner is supposed to be someone you confide in, someone you tell your secrets and confidential information to, as well as someone you share most things with. The reality that someone you did that to betrayed you is also another factor that makes it really hard to come to terms with trusting another human being. The thought that will be lingering in your mind is something like, “If the person closest to you did that, then it means that probably all men/women are evil.”

“To rebuild your trust, you have to begin by regaining trust in yourself. This is the point where you’re fully sure of yourself and deeply know you can trust your intuitions, decisions, and judgments to be your light when something feels off, especially when it comes to other people.

This may, of course, need you to release the stuck emotions caused by those traumatic instances of your past relationship. With the help of great therapy, you can overcome those and come in loving alignment with yourself so that you can open yourself up to healthy connections.

One of the last things that people regain after abuse is trust, and they may even find themselves starting another relationship yet not trusting those they’re in a relationship with. This is a tough spot to be in, as there’s nothing more dissatisfying than being under one roof with someone you don’t trust.

A relationship without trust, without vulnerability, is not a relationship; it’s more of just a convenience kind of thing. Can you imagine sleeping with someone you don’t trust? Or can you imagine watching your back all the time or feeling so insecure because you can’t get yourself to trust?

Of course, trust is earned with time, but if you’re still carrying the effects of your past relationship into a new relationship, it will mean that you will not be fully emotionally available for your partner. That’s why it’s good to heal from those past traumas so that they do not ruin your present life and the joyful experiences, as well as the possibility of building authentic connections in life.

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