Do Narcissists Think About You After They Discard You?

Do Narcissists Think About You After They Discard You? do narcissists think about you after they discard you?
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Someone posed this interesting question: After they discard you, do they think about you? This question inherently has a yes or no answer, but in truth, we can never truly know what they think about.

They are autonomous individuals with their own thoughts and perceptions. They might be thinking about someone else, their new supply, or strategizing how to regain control over you.

However, instead of fixating on whether they think about you, it’s more productive to ask yourself why you want them to think about you. Often, we get lost in questions like, “Do they still love me?” or “Why haven’t they reached out?”

While these questions might offer temporary relief or a false sense of closure, they ultimately keep us tethered to the past and prevent deeper healing.

The real reason behind wanting them to think about you is often rooted in seeking validation and approval. When they showered you with affection and compliments, they validated you, and now you may feel incomplete without their validation. However, true healing comes from within, not from external validation.

It’s about focusing on yourself and understanding why you’re attached or why you’re constantly asking question about your abusive ex instead of you going inwards and being at peace with yourself.

Healing is never dependent on the narcissist’s actions or thoughts; it’s always about your own journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. it’s not about what the narcissist or your ex does after they leave you; it’s about what you do after they discard you. If you direct all your energy towards confronting the discomfort within yourself, facing those dark corners of your mind, you’ll eventually find the light of healing. However, if you fixate too much on them, you’ll only sink deeper into despair, reaching points where you might believe that healing is impossible. The key is to shift your focus inward, to prioritize your own growth and well-being. This is where true healing begins.

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