Why You Feel Devastated after a Long Daydream

Why You Feel Devastated after a Long Daydream why you feel devastated after a long daydream

Why does that feeling of sadness and disappointment often hit you after a long daydream? Well, it turns out, it’s quite common. When you daydream, you get to be this amazing character, having exciting adventures and experiencing wonderful things. This is especially true if your daydreams are filled with positive experiences. It’s a lot of fun! But here’s the catch: when you snap back to reality, which always happens because daydreams don’t last forever, it can be a bit tough. So, in this article, we’ll explore why this happens and how you can make the most of your daydreams without feeling too down when they end.

Emotional Disconnection

Feeling devastated after a long daydream stems from a significant disconnect between the imaginary world of your daydream and the realities of your everyday life. In your daydream, you often assume the role of a super-cool character, embarking on thrilling adventures and basking in all sorts of incredible experiences.

This idealized version of yourself and your surroundings can be incredibly enjoyable, especially when your daydreams are filled with positivity. However, the trouble arises when you return to your actual life, where you’re just an ordinary person grappling with the usual stress, concerns, and mundane tasks. This stark contrast between the dream and reality can lead to feelings of frustration and sadness, similar to to the emotional hangover you mostly experience after a wonderful night out with friends.

To put it simply, it’s as though you’ve had wonderful time at a party taking some shots of tequila, relishing every moment, only to wake up the next day with a hangover, feeling low and disconnected from the world. You may even question your place in this reality.

These dreams take you to an amazing universe where all your deepest desires manifest. Yet, when you return to your real-life challenges, you’re confronted with the demands of everyday life. Whether it’s dealing with unemployment, navigating the intricacies of your daily routine, or addressing relationship or financial issues, facing these challenges after the euphoria of your daydream can be emotionally devastating, leaving you with a deep sense of devastation.


Furthermore, this feeling of devastation can deepen when you come to the realization that your daydreams and your real life are like two separate worlds. You begin to see that the extraordinary adventures and idealized versions of yourself in your daydream may never truly materialize in your everyday life. This stark contrast between what you wish for in your daydream and what you experience in reality can intensify the sense of disappointment and sadness, leaving you grappling with emotional disconnect between your dreams and your actual life.

What You Can Do Instead?

Actually, a more constructive approach is to redirect your focus towards your actual life. Take a moment to reflect on your real-world circumstances and ask yourself questions like: “What positive steps can I take to make my life better, even if I won’t be that captivating character from my daydreams?” It’s an opportunity to assess areas for self-improvement and growth.

Is it addressing financial challenges? Nurturing better relationships? Perhaps seeking therapy or investing in personal development? By channeling your energy into tangible improvements, you can bridge the gap between your daydreams and reality, transforming your aspirations into attainable goals.

These are simple strategies that enable you to harness the power of your daydreams for personal growth rather than allowing them to hinder you. It’s about examining the content of your daydream, no matter how imaginary or out-of-reach it may seem, and pondering, “What emotional elements can I extract from my daydream that are absent in my real life?” This isn’t about being the cool character, but rather pinpointing the emotions involved.

Whether it’s experiencing love, euphoria, or profound happiness within your daydream, you can take concrete actions today to infuse your actual life with more joy and fulfillment. By adopting this perspective, you shift from being a passive daydreamer to an active participant in shaping your reality, turning your dreams into motivational stepping stones towards a more content and gratifying life.

Note from the Author

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