Why Manipulative People Love Breaking The law

Why Manipulative People Love Breaking The law why manipulative people love breaking the law
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Today, I’ll be addressing the question of why your partner or some people have difficulty following rules. This particularly applies when dealing with manipulative individuals — those who are accustomed to manipulation and lying. They tend to tend to break simple rules, such as traffic regulations or even petty theft. So why is it that they struggle to adhere to rules?

Sense of Entitlement

Manipulative people have a strong feeling of superiority that makes them think they can get what they want by any means necessary. They don’t care about how they achieve their goals, even if it means being corrupt or using bullying tactics. They see themselves as better than others and treat them as less important. This distorted view of themselves leads them to break rules and ignore societal norms, including small rules, to show that they are in control and that even the government can’t ‘stop’ them.

This sense of entitlement is the core of their behavior. They firmly believe that rules don’t apply to them and that they won’t face the same consequences as everyone else. As a result, they take advantage of this perceived invincibility to break laws and regulations without considering how it might harm themselves or others. Breaking rules reinforces their belief that they are untouchable and won’t face the same consequences as ordinary people.

Furthermore, their belief in their superiority makes them disrespect authority figures and institutions, like the government. They see these entities as weak and incapable of punishing them. This belief gives them the confidence to openly challenge and break rules, as they think even the most powerful can’t stop them. This bold disregard for rules proves their inflated self-image and the belief that they are immune to punishment.

Lack of Empathy

They find it difficult to grasp the consequences of their actions, particularly in relation to how those actions impact other people. Even if their behavior leads to legal troubles or causes distress, they lack the ability to empathize and genuinely care about the emotions or the negative outcomes that their actions may inflict upon you or your family. They lack the fundamental compassion that is typically present in most individuals. As a result, this absence of empathy prompts them to disregard rules without considering the effects their actions have on others.

How Do you Deal with Someone Who constantly Breaks the Law?

When dealing with someone who consistently disregards the law, it is best to distance yourself from them. Constantly bailing them out may inadvertently encourage their behavior.

By doing so, they may gain an understanding of the consequences of their actions. When they experience the full weight of their actions without assistance, they have a chance to change their behavior. Allowing them to face the consequences can be a catalyst for personal growth and responsibility.

Instead of continuously trying to help or rescue them, it is often better to let them face the outcomes of their decisions. This way, they can experience the pain that may motivate them to take responsibility for their lives or change their behavior. It is important not to focus too much on bailing them out, even if you deeply care for them. Letting them face the consequences of the law may be the best way to show your care.

Do not allow yourself to be repeatedly used as an escape route, especially when they are facing legal consequences. If possible, stay away from such individuals. When avoidance is not possible, establish firm boundaries and clear terms for your engagement with them.

Note from the Author

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