Why Do You Love Them So Much?

Today, I’ll be explaining a very common concept: why you should be careful when you love someone so much. Have you ever found yourself in this instance where you really feel that you love someone so much? Like you love them so much, to the point that you can’t even get off that phone, just want to talk to them all the time. Like you are obsessively in love with them. Do you really love them or you’re just afraid?

Actually, what normally happens is when you have strong and intense feelings for someone, the best place to start is to have a deep inquiry about it. Don’t just say, “I’ve just been swept away by this person because they are treating me so well.” Just take a deep look at yourself. You’ll realize that loving them so much is not really because you genuinely love them so much.

It’s probably because you are afraid. So, you’re not really loving them so much just because you’re afraid of being alone or you’re afraid of them leaving you, or you’re attaching your worth to them. These are some of the common reasons why you end up loving them so much. When you’re attaching your worth to someone, of course, you will not want anyone to harm them. You don’t want anything to happen to them.

That’s why you should be really careful when you get to this point where you love them so much. Instead, just inquire about why you crave so much. Through that inquiry, you will realize some elements within yourself.

It can be fear, possessiveness, a need for control, difficulty managing your anxiety, or fear of being alone. So, when you’re investigating those elements, you’ll realize that maybe love is not about the intensity or the highs and the extremes; maybe it’s just something more indifferent, maybe it’s just normal, like it doesn’t have to involve explosions or cravings.

So, when you love someone so much, understand that there is actually something you may have to work on within yourself. Because that obsession with that person is the same obsession that will keep you stuck in the relationship or trapped in an unhealthy one, or that may keep you stuck in life. You will realize that all along, you’re not really loving yourself the way you love that person, but you’re so busy with these intense feelings that you neglect yourself. You’re not a priority, but they are, which is quite weird.

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