When Your Partner Says You’re Overreacting?

When Your Partner Says You’re Overreacting? when your partner says you’re overreacting?
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Today, I’ll be addressing the question of why your partner often thinks you’re overreacting when you raise concerns. Every time you express discomfort or disapproval, they dismissively tell you that you’re overreacting. Does this truly mean you are overreacting, or is there another perspective?

To clarify, overreacting involves blowing something small out of proportion. For instance, if you express concern about unusual messages on your partner’s phone or their late-night activities, and they accuse you of overreacting, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are. When someone consistently labels your concerns as overreactions, it implies something else is at play.

If your partner deflects or minimizes your concerns every time you bring them up, it suggests there might be an underlying issue. The constant dismissal can lead you to doubt the legitimacy of your feelings. You may refrain from expressing genuine concerns, fearing being repeatedly accused of overreacting.

Being told you’re overreacting in such a manner is a form of gaslighting. It distorts your reality and makes you question the validity of your feelings. As this pattern continues, you might even start to doubt your sanity when raising concerns. The constant refrain of “you’re overreacting” can lead to self-doubt, making you unsure if your concerns are valid or if you’re imagining issues.

In a healthy relationship, a partner would respond to your concerns instead of dismissing them outright. The response of “you’re overreacting” often serves as a way to avoid responsibility and sidestep addressing the actual concerns. If your concerns persist without resolution, and you keep hearing that you’re overreacting, it can indicate manipulation.

In toxic relationship territory, your partner may not be taking your concerns seriously or accepting responsibility for their actions. You are not overreacting; you’ve been led to believe so. If your partner consistently dismisses your concerns without offering resolutions or taking responsibility, it’s essential to recognize this as a red flag in the relationship.

Remember, expressing concerns about crossing personal boundaries or unacceptable behavior in a relationship is valid. In a healthy relationship, these concerns should be addressed and resolved, not dismissed with claims of overreacting. So, trust your instincts and don’t let the constant accusation of overreacting undermine the legitimacy of your feelings.

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