Self-care is more than Personal grooming

Self-care is more than Personal grooming self-care is more than personal grooming
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In today’s digital age, the concept of self-care has taken on a new dimension, with a significant emphasis on social media platforms, particularly Instagram. What was once a private and personal practice has now become a public showcase of well-being, often tailored to fit the aesthetics and trends of the online world.

As we scroll through our feeds, we are flooded with images of picturesque yoga poses, serene spa retreats, healthy meals, and meticulously curated self-care routines. While these visually appealing representations can serve as sources of inspiration, they also risk oversimplifying the true essence of self-care.

In the pursuit of garnering likes, followers, and validation, some people may engage in self-care activities purely for the gram — seeking to portray an image of health and happiness without genuinely embracing the underlying principles of self-nurturing.

This trend has created a culture of “showing off” self-care, where the main goal is to look impressive rather than truly taking care of oneself. People prioritize looking good to others rather than focusing on their genuine well-being.

Self-Care in the Gram and Inadequacy

Feeling pressured to show a perfect version of ourselves can make us feel not good enough and compare ourselves to others. We might feel like we have to follow society’s rules for self-care, even if it’s not what we truly want or need. Trying to be perfect can distract us from the real purpose of self-care, which is to recharge and take care of our bodies, emotions, and minds.

There’s no Problem with Sharing

But it’s important to know that not all self-care posts on social media are fake. Some people really enjoy sharing their self-care experiences to inspire and connect with others. The important thing is to find a balance and make sure self-care is meaningful to you personally, not just to impress others online.

Only you can truly know if you are being authentic on an inner level. You have a unique understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and intentions, which others may not fully grasp.

Self-Care is More than Outer Game

True self-care encompasses both the outer and inner aspects of our well-being. It’s not just about superficial actions like grooming or physical appearance, but also about delving into our emotional landscape. Real self-care involves acknowledging and addressing the emotional wounds, anxieties, and fears that might be lingering beneath the surface.

Often, we tend to focus only on what is visible, neglecting the inner workings of our minds and hearts. However, to experience genuine and holistic self-care, we must leave no stone unturned in taking care of ourselves. This means nurturing our inner selves just as much as our outer selves.

While taking care of ourselves externally is essential and can make us feel good, it should not replace the need for inner healing. True self-care requires us to face our emotional baggage, deal with our past traumas, and work on healing ourselves from the inside out.

Posting pictures or showcasing our outer self-care on social media might give the illusion that we are taking care of ourselves, but it’s essential not to deceive ourselves with this superficial sense of self-care. We must not forget the importance of seeking therapy, introspecting, and addressing our deeper emotional issues.


In a nutshell, self-care should be holistic, encompassing both outer and inner well-being. It is not just about looking good or feeling good temporarily; it’s about the continuous journey of healing and growing emotionally. True self-care liberates us from the past, allowing us to live a more fulfilled and authentic life.

So, let’s remember to prioritize both aspects of self-care — nurturing our outer selves and delving deep into our emotional well-being. By doing so, we can achieve genuine self-care and experience true liberation from past experiences.

Note from the Author

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