Is the Narcissist Happy with their New Supply?

Is the Narcissist Happy with their New Supply? is the narcissist happy with their new supply?
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Picture this: you’ve finally left that narcissistic relationship and you’re starting to heal and reclaim the old you. Then boom! You’re aimlessly scrolling down your Facebook feed and stumble upon photos of your Ex-Narcissist, looking happy and glamorous with their new supply. They’re, in fact, enjoying themselves on beautiful beaches or resorts you used to visit together.

You hurriedly check their Facebook page and to your surprise, you discover that they had a wedding ceremony last week, and the photos you’re looking at show the newlyweds enjoying their honeymoon on the sandy beaches of Bali. This triggers a negative spiral of emotions — sadness, anger, and confusion — as you reminisce about the early stages of your past narcissistic relationship, when you had an amazing partner who mirrored your deepest desires.

You feel jealous and deeply hurt, thinking about how your once-charming partner is now having fun with someone else instead of you (their former ‘love of their life’). A day that began with innocently scrolling through your Facebook feed has now taken an unexpected turn. You find yourself caught up in thoughts like:

What if they’ve finally changed back to the partner I fell in love with?

They look so happy together; was I the one to blame for what happened in the relationship?

Were they right all along about what they said about me being sensitive/crazy/unlovable?

After leaving a narcissistic relationship, one thing that most victims of abuse wonder about is what’s happening in the Ex-narcissist’s life. Are they truly happy, and have they finally changed their manipulative ways? The truth is no, they’re not happy, and what you’ve just witnessed with their new supply is similar to how things were in the early stages of your relationship.

They’re repeating the same cycle of abuse with their new supply. The new supply might not be aware that they’re heading into troubled waters, and what they’re falling in love with is merely a façade. Feeling jealous is natural, but it’s not the healthiest response in your healing journey, as it can lead to constant rumination about your narcissistic Ex, even when you’d started to think less about them.

So, if you find yourself jealous of the narcissist’s new supply, remember these points:

I. Jealousy is a normal feeling, and you don’t have to feel bad about yourself.

II. The new supply is still being groomed, and everything is just a façade. They haven’t changed at all.

III. They will be preoccupied with their new supply, so you can now focus more on yourself without their constant disturbances or attempts to contact you.

IV. Their new supply doesn’t determine your worth; it simply means someone else will sadly experience what you went through. Avoid comparing yourself to their new supply. Maintain compassion from a distance.

V. “What ifs” and “if only” thoughts about the narcissist may arise, but recognize that you did your best to salvage the relationship. However, it wasn’t feasible, and ultimately, you escaped a damaging situation.

You might even feel sympathy for the new catch and be tempted to warn them about the manipulation — but refrain from doing so, even if your intentions are honorable. They’ve been skillfully groomed and are unlikely to heed your words.

You might even face accusations of being crazy and jealous, which can hurt you further. It’s challenging to witness someone who betrayed you and whom you once loved seemingly “living the dream” with someone else. Whatever you decide, keep them blocked and avoid triggers that remind you of them.

Concentrate on your healing journey and maintain the integrity of your ‘No Contact’ rule. Use these triggers not to escape, but to identify areas in your life that still need healing. Strive to heal to a point where you’re unaffected by what you see, viewing them as relics of the past that no longer influence your present life.

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