Emotional Hangover After Narcissistic abuse

Emotional Hangover After Narcissistic abuse emotional hangover after narcissistic abuse

When you’ve had one too many of say tequila or whiskey, the next morning will not be the one to remember. You’ll be having a very crazy hangover that makes you wish you would just turn back time. Similarly, when you’ve been discarded or you’ve left an abusive relationship you’ll experience an emotional hangover after that event. You will be experience negative feelings of sadness, irritability, rage while feeling emotionally and physically drained. When you have an emotional hangover, the effects of that emotional event (breakup, discard or leaving the relationship) linger for a while. Any event in life can be a trigger of something that was always lurking deep inside.

You experience an emotional hangover after leaving an abusive relationship because the event has scratched some of your unhealed wounds or trauma (like abandonment wounds) which brings to the surface some of the past numbed emotions. It has exposed some of the emotions you were stuffing during the relationship. You stuffed those emotions to survive the relationship or to avoid further quarrels and arguments. Your emotions were also invalidated so you believed that those emotions you were experiencing were not real.

So, the pain and fears which were being held in place by that restrictive relationship are now coming to the surface. When you experience this hangover, your mind will trick you and even try to convince you to go back to that past relationship. When pain and fears from 5, 10, 20 even 30 years ago brings you so much distress, you might be tempted to jump into a situation-ship because those emotions are unbearable. You may also find yourself engaging in unhealthy habits like binge-eating or excessive drinking just to numb the pain again.


You may also develop a positive outlook out of the emotional distress you’re going through and work on yourself so that you will not feel those emotions in the future. You’re not to blame for all those past experiences but you now have the power to choose what you’ve got to do with those resurfaced emotions. You can choose the best path of dealing with them for good or the path of stuffing them again and suffering.

Actually, when you’re in so much distress and you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed, it becomes easy to process and deal with those emotions for good because they’re clearly visible. It’s painful and you might prefer the numbed state but if you seek proper help or proper therapy while you’re in this state, you’ll be able to safely process what’s been brought to the surface for good.


Do not add more band-aid to the pain, see the fact that you now feel (or even remember what you’d forgotten) as a blessing or as the universe giving you the opportunity to go inwards and unbind yourself from those chains of emotional pain for good.

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