Do Narcissists End Any Relationships Themselves?

Do Narcissists End Any Relationships Themselves? do narcissists end any relationships themselves?
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Today, I’d like to answer the question of “ Do narcissists end any of their relationships themselves?” Actually, this is a very good questions, especially when you are in a relationship with a narcissist. You might really want them to end the relationship. Let’s say because you lack the capacity to end the relationship yourself, you are afraid, you fear that you might ruin the marriage. So sometimes you may ask this question, like, do they end their relationships? Why can’t they end their relationships?

Loss of Control

Yes, sometimes they can end the relationship. One of the reasons could be the loss of control. If the narcissistic abuser feels that they are losing control over the relationship, for example, if you’re starting to think for yourself, establish boundaries, and become more independent, they may leave the relationship. Perhaps you’ve started to recognize abuse, sought therapy, become financially independent, made friends, and focused on self-improvement. They may feel threatened by your growing independence and choose to end the relationship. They may not end it politely and might resort to smear campaigns or spreading rumors about you, but if they feel they can’t manipulate you anymore, they may decide to leave.

Lack of Supply

Another aspect is the lack of narcissistic supply. Narcissists thrive on admiration, attention, validation, and praise. If you stop giving them these, they may feel deprived and seek validation elsewhere. If they find someone who meets their needs better, they may leave the relationship. Sometimes they may keep you as a backup supply, but other times they may fully commit to the new relationship because they believe the grass is greener on the other side.

New supply

Another reason could be that they have found a better source of narcissistic supply. When they find someone new, especially in the early stages of that relationship, they may leave because they feel the new relationship serves them better. They may spend a lot of time love-bombing their new partner.

Lastly, they may leave when they feel you have figured them out. If they realize that you’ve seen through their manipulation and others are starting to realize who they are, they may disappear to protect their reputation.

However, not all narcissists behave the same way, and these reasons may not apply to every situation. It’s important not to generalize or rely too heavily on one-size-fits-all characteristics of narcissists. Instead, focus on yourself. Set boundaries and take care of yourself. Regardless of whether the narcissist ends the relationship or not, understand your worth and prioritize your well-being. The key to avoiding abusive relationships lies in understanding and valuing yourself, standing up for yourself, and upholding your boundaries.

Note from the Author

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