How Long Does the Emotional Rollercoaster Last After Leaving An Abusive Relationship?

How Long Does the Emotional Rollercoaster Last After Leaving An Abusive Relationship? how long does the emotional rollercoaster last after leaving an abusive relationship?
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Today I’d like to address this question: Someone asked, “I broke up with the narcissist two months ago, no contact since. One day I’m fine, the next day I wake up depressed, the next day I wake up stressed, the next day I wake up tired, one day I’m happy and smiling that I’m free. How long will it last?” It’s a very interesting question, especially for those who’ve been in abusive relationships. It’s all about how long the emotional rollercoaster will last and how long the negative emotions or the rollercoaster, the flooding of emotions, will persist.

Because one moment you’re happy, the next you’re sad. Actually, it’s all about how long it will endure until you deal with the underlying issues, until you address the stuck emotions. These stuck emotions are those which have not been processed for a very long time.

What happens is, when you haven’t processed your emotions, they get stored in your subconscious mind. Most experiences you have in real life then trigger these emotions. Sometimes you wake up, or you see something that reminds you of your traumatic past. Anything can evoke memories of the past, causing those emotions to surface. That’s why you’ll find yourself sometimes feeling happy, sometimes feeling sad, not because you’ve been in no contact or working on yourself, but simply because those emotions are signaling that they need to be released.

Yes, you can practice no contact, track no contact days, or find another relationship, but the emotions will still be there. The only solution is to process the root of these emotions or deal with the root cause fueling them. It’s not about how long it will last; it’s about how willing you are to work on these emotions that you’ve been carrying for a long time, even during the relationship.

Healing means dealing with these emotions, clearing that emotional baggage, negative beliefs, and thoughts resulting from past experiences. Once you deal with that, you’ll find yourself experiencing genuine emotions based on present circumstances. It won’t be like a rollercoaster; instead, you’ll have emotional mastery, mostly feeling happy.

It’s not about how long it will last; it’s about what you’re doing in your healing journey. If you commit to it fully, you’ll realize it doesn’t have to last a long time; it can even take just a week to start processing emotions in a healthier way. So, it depends on your actions in your healing journey, not on how long it will last.

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