Are Narcissists Jealous When You Move On?

Today, I’ll be answering the question of whether the narcissist feels jealous when you move. By moving on here, it simply means when you find a new relationship or when you start seeing someone else (not the deeper aspect of moving on). We do equate having a relationship as an element of moving on, but moving on is actually something which goes beyond finding a new relationship, which is just an inner thing that not even anyone can see; it’s just you knowing from a deeper level that the past is not affecting you. So I’m talking about this moving on where you find a relationship, like will they be jealous?

Of course, they’ll feel jealous, as for narcissists, it’s mostly a contest for dominance and control. They thrive on being perceived as superior. So, witnessing you move forward with someone else or dating stirs jealousy, as they interpret it as a loss of control or a threat to their perceived superiority. Even if your progress is superficial, the mere sight of your success triggers their insecurities.

What you need to realize is even in the relationship, when you did something which was good or something with like advancement in your career or just something which is good for you, you do realize that they were not really feeling grateful for you or something like that? They might have also isolated you to maintain control and suppress any perceived competition.

They always wanted to do something so that they can show you that they are always above you. So, they feel jealous, and they feel very bad when they see you moving forward with someone else.

Does it Matter if They’re Jealous or Not?

As I said in the past, it doesn’t matter how they feel. If they’re ealous or indifferent or whatever, what matters is how you feel. Are you moving on or looking for a relationship just as a form of revenge or just to rub it in their faces or just as an escape from dealing with the pain?

Actually, what you realize is that most people often find themselves in a situation where they rush into new relationships to prove a point to their abusive ex: that they are still beautiful and attractive. However, this is a dangerous mindset to adopt, as it may lead to attracting other toxic relationships.

Therefore, if your motivation for entering a new relationship is solely to flaunt or incite jealousy in your ex, it signifies that you haven’t truly healed and are still hurting inside. This choice isn’t driven by genuine desire but rather by a need to prove something. While they may indeed feel jealous, it’s essential not to let their emotions distract you. Instead, focus on your own emotional well-being. Ask yourself: Are you truly happy? Have you healed from past wounds? Or are you simply engaged in a competition with the narcissist?

Note from the Author

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