Should You Warn the Narcissist’s New supply?

Should You Warn the Narcissist’s New supply? should you warn the narcissist’s new supply?
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If there’s something that will happen after you leave a narcissistic relationship is your narcissistic ex will sooner rather than later jump into a new relationship. Their new partner was of course groomed when they were still in a relationship with you. A narcissist will always be looking out for ways they can secure their supply because it’s like their oxygen and they can’t function without it. Unlike you who’s still struggling to come to terms with what you’ve been put through, the narc moves on so easily, like just flipping a switch. When you finally overhear that they are seeing someone else, you will be so tempted to warn the new catch that they’re being taken for a ride.

I know you are a kind and compassionate human being and you wouldn’t want someone to go through the tortures you were subjected to. You’re probably a fixer also and that’s what made you give that narcissist chance after chance even when they couldn’t stop hurting you. Those are great qualities but those are also the qualities which your narcissistic ex exploited. Here’s the thing, the narcissist’s new partner is not that different from you and you even share a couple of qualities (like empathy, codependency, lack of boundaries) which make one a narcissist magnet.

The difference between you and the new supply is probably your current awareness of narcissism and its complexities. This is what normally adds fuel to that urge of wanting to call or just send a text message to their new catch to warn them about who they’re dealing with. You just want to spare them the pain they will feel later on. You will even want to share screenshots to prove their deceit and manipulation. You will think that this will really help the situation but that’s never the case. So, the question is “Should you warn the new supply of your narcissistic ex?”

Do no do it, do no warn the new supply. You will be tempted to do it but they will not believe you. If you really can’t stop yourself from doing it, imagine how you felt during the initial stages of the relationship, you thought you’d won the lottery, you’d found your soulmate or twin flame.

Everything was so heavenly that you even cut off/isolated some of your friends and family who tried to interfere with your relationship. That’s the same cycle the new supply is being put through, they’ve been well-groomed and they won’t listen. Your warnings or attempted rescue may even cement the narcissist’s role in the relationship.

Here’s the thing, the new supply trusts the narcissist so much, so any communication between you and them will reach your narcissistic ex. Your narcissistic ex will now use that to prove your jealousy, harassment, craziness and even inform the new supply that that’s the reason they left you.

Your ‘allegations’ will now be one of those foundational blocks for the narc to play a victim. So, the caring, codependent and compassionate new supply will now feel more empathetic and sympathetic towards the narc. You think that your warnings will disturb the relationship but they may now build the ‘relationship.’

The other thing is you will end up being labelled as that vengeful and bitter ex which will add more salt to your unhealed wounds. It may also be weaponized further as a smear campaign tool and it will really be ‘visible evidence’ of you being the problem.

No one will listen to you and you will even start doubting if you were the problem in the relationship. The more you meddle in the affairs of your narcissistic ex and their new supply, the more you’ll be wasting your energy which you would have used it to focus on your healing journey. The best thing to do is just look at your life, at the pain you’re feeling and focus on that.

Focus on your healing journey and how you can grow through the pain. Anything that drives your focus away from your healing is just a distraction and it will keep you stuck with pain much longer. The pain you’re feeling on the inside is just yours to face, yours alone.

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