Healing after Narcissistic Abuse Story 2 # John

Healing after Narcissistic Abuse Story 2 # John healing after narcissistic abuse story 2 # john
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Healing from narcissistic abuse may first look impossible and you may think that you’ll be with those feeling of numbness and feeling stuck forever. Today I’d like to share with you an interview with John, one of my clients who signed up after reading my articles on this medium community, who went from feeling numb and dead on the inside to a life of freedom and bliss. You will enjoy and you will understand what’s possible for you once you have a right method and you’re committed in this healing journey.

  1. What made you decide to book in with me?

I’d read your articles on Medium and they resonated with me deeply.

I was also in a place of feeling long term numb, experiencing no joy but rather in constant emotional numbness and pain. I couldn’t find the way of life I believed was possible despite retreats, therapy, meditation and self-development books.


2. What was happening in your life at the time you decided?

I had left a 20 year marriage and whilst I had confidence in the decision I had made — the impact both externally (ostracized from community, family and friends, threats to not let me see my children, condemnation from those around me etc.) and internally (numb, no joy, overwhelm, doubt, loss of hope) felt too much sometimes.

3. Explain your problem in detail. (how did it feel, what was it like to have the problem, how was life for you having this problem, how long had you had it for?

It was hard how to handle the numbness and emotional pain. Being honest enough to admit the unhappiness but at the same time this seemed like evidence of what I had been accused of — of never being satisfied, dreaming of what isn’t possible, being overly romantic.

In married life the problems were still there but in some respects covered up, not least by the “security” of companionship, routines and busyness.

4. How had you tried to fix it in the past? Why do you think the way you tried failed?

I don’t think other things had failed necessarily. Maybe they were part of the journey but in some respects I think some of the other ways were very limited. Or had reached their potential without being enough.

Self-development books for example can be amazing but they aren’t a relationship and they can be a bit generalized.

A more traditional therapy — again has many gifts but also can leave you stuck in the cycle, going round in circles.

5. What were your thoughts of coaching (mind shifting) before you came and seen me

I was desperate for something to help — especially to shift the numbness as it felt like it was killing me. I didn’t have much concept of what mind-shifting was other than the articles I read made me feel very understood in terms of what I was experiencing.

6. How would describe the entire experience with me (in detail)

Intense, challenging, safe, refreshing, understanding, game changing, liberating, kind, reassuring and boundaried.

I so welcomed the opportunity to be authentic and share what was going on in a way that I felt very accepted and understood.

At times the sessions felt like magic — here was something that was living up to the promise to make a massive difference.

7. How do you feel now after the sessions?

No longer numb. Hopeful. Full of life. In a position to approach significant challenges from a completely different and liberating point of view. Free. Grateful. Empowered.

8. When you think about your life now, what are you most looking forward to?

Being alive rather than dreading getting through days. Having faith in myself. See opportunity and life ahead of me rather than survival and existence. Accepting of feelings but no longer fearful and overwhelmed.

I would also say that the process has addressed lifelong beliefs that have been a source of being imprisoned.

9. What would you say to people who are putting off fixing their problems and frustrations in life?

I would say life is too short to give in. Believe that what you dream of is possible J.

10. What was the most important thing for you in achieving success with your session/s with me?

I felt you made it safe. I felt that you had insight and understanding. I felt like you were genuine, kind and empathic. I perceived you were passionate about what you do and had experience and profound understanding about what was going on. I increasingly had confidence that you could handle whatever I brought to the sessions. I felt like you had integrity in what you were offering.


Thanks Edwin…. The change from first meeting you to the present is profound. Thank you for going above and beyond. Thank you for the love that you showed. Thank you for making it safe to go to the hard places. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for the reassurance when it was needed. Thank you for hearing me.

Thank you, hope you’ve enjoyed this wonderful interview. All responses are straight from the clients (with no edits).

If you’d like to be a success story, just book in a free breakthrough call with me here and if I can be of help I’ll show you how (there is no guarantee on specific results or outcomes from services as there are many variables that will impact your success).

Healing after Narcissistic Abuse Story 2 # John healing after narcissistic abuse story 2 # john

I will be sharing more of this ++ my fails also so that it can show you what’s possible when healing from abuse and demystify some of the myths cycling around with regards to healing from abuse. It will also be helping me grow my skills and improve my clients’ transformations.

One last thing is never let your mind lie to your or a bunch of statistics floating online convince you that it’s impossible to heal from abuse. It’s so possible and you don’t have to bury yourself with content and learning. Remember, you can always book that free call and you will have a journey of lifetime.

Happy healing!!

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