6 Signs the Narcissist is Finally Done With You

6 Signs the Narcissist is Finally Done With You 6 signs the narcissist is finally done with you
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When you’re in a relationship with someone who has mostly been lying to you and manipulating you, you will often wonder when it’s going to end or when are they going to stop what they’re doing. The devaluation phase of that narcissistic relationship is not easy, as it leaves you feeling bad about yourself due to the harsh criticism and emotional abuse they subject you to.

Though there are no clear indications that they’re really done with you and have moved forward to someone else, sometimes they may stop bothering you as much and instead focus their attention elsewhere, especially when they’re bored with you as their supply. Here are some signs that they’re really done with you:

The Intense Silent Treatment

Narcissists can be really cruel by suddenly becoming completely cold and ignoring you, as if you don’t even ‘matter’ to them anymore. This silent treatment can last for weeks or even months, during which they act like you don’t exist. They stop being nice or pretending to care about you, and they avoid being around you or responding to your calls or texts at all. It can be really scary because you don’t know what’s going on. Sometimes they disappear completely or ghost you, and you have no idea where they are or what they’re doing.

No More Love Bombing

The love bombing stage, where they showered you with affection and made grand promises, feels like a distant memory now. They don’t bother with superficial displays of affection or even breadcrumbs of the affection, future plans, or social media posts praising you anymore. They’ve lost interest in boosting your ego and have decided you’re not worth the effort of pretending to admire.

Overt Disgust and Criticism

In the beginning, the narcissist might have subtly criticized you through tactics like gaslighting. But when they’re done with you, they stop holding back. They openly express their disgust and freely insult and criticize you without any filter. It’s like they’re showing you exactly how they feel, making it clear they’ve lost any respect or attraction they once had for you. Their charming facade is gone, revealing their true feelings and intentions.

They No Longer Convince You to Stay

When you threaten to leave, they no longer beg for you to stay as they did before. Your actions don’t seem to matter much to them anymore; they appear indifferent to whether you stay or go.

Your Validation No longer Works for Them

One other aspect is when they no longer show any reaction toward you appreciating or showering them with words of validation. It doesn’t even bother them, and even if you try being intimate, they may reject you and build that wall around themselves. They’re simply bored with your looks, and they don’t want anything to do with you emotionally and physically.

Showing off their New Supply

At first, they might have hidden their new source of attention from you, afraid of being discovered. But when they’re finished with you, they openly discuss the new supply without hiding it. They might even flaunt it to demonstrate their indifference to your reaction. They’ve moved on from you and found their supply elsewhere.


But Are They Really Done with You?

You may ask yourself, “Are they really done with you 100%?” No, there is nothing like them being done with you 100%; it’s more of them showing signs they are done with you in that moment, but they may still come back. The only way is for you to be done with them; that’s the only guarantee. It is for you to use these times they’re not giving you attention or bothering you as much to plan your exit. It may be a really painful time for you because you’re facing their extremely critical side in the open, and then you’re also not getting any whiff of affection from them.

But actually, that is why it is a blessing in disguise. Use that time or this as a window of opportunity to seek help, plan your exit, and to reclaim the you whose belief system has been distorted by the narcissist. Your mind may try various ways to win them back as it seeks self-preservation, but do not listen to those voices. You’ve neglected yourself so much, and you can at least do something for you because you deserve it. You deserve a life away from them.

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