Will Ignoring the Pain of Abuse Make It Go Away?

Will Ignoring the Pain of Abuse Make It Go Away? will ignoring the pain of abuse make it go away?
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Today, I’ll be answering the question of whether ignoring those painful feelings after emotional abuse will make the pain go away. Ignoring, in this context, might refer to distracting yourself with a hobby, another relationship, or something that provides temporary relief from the painful experiences you’ve been through.

Ignoring these feelings can indeed provide temporary relief because when you keep yourself busy, you may become engrossed in that activity. As a result, if those thoughts resurface, you’re still focused on what you’re doing.

However, it also creates an illusion that you are healing and making progress in your healing journey. In reality, it keeps you stuck with the pain for a longer time because by ignoring it, you’re neglecting something inside you that’s telling you to pay attention to it.


Your past experiences feed you with the idea that you can ignore them, but they are still affecting you deep down. No matter how much you ignore them, the pain is still there. Ignoring cannot take the pain away; it only prolongs your time with the pain. When you ignore the pain, you suffer. While it may provide temporary relief, you won’t truly grow out of the painful situation.

Furthermore, ignoring can unconsciously lead you towards self-sabotaging behaviors. It pulls you towards behaviors that don’t make sense, such as drinking, overeating, or procrastination. The pain is operating behind the scenes, influencing you through negative beliefs about yourself. Through this filter of those negative beliefs, you find yourself attracting situations that reinforce those negative beliefs. You may also gravitate toward the same unhealthy relationships because of your deep insecurities and fears.

Do not Ignore

Instead of ignoring, it’s best to focus on healing the pain. Processing those emotions allows you to reach a point where you believe that you deserve a better life and freedom. Ignoring keeps you with the pain for a longer time, whereas working on those emotions allows you to choose a life of growth and freedom. Always choose a life of freedom over ignoring, as ignoring cannot make the pain go away.

Note from the Author

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