Why You Feel Angry and Resentful After A Long Daydreaming Episode

Why You Feel Angry and Resentful After A Long Daydreaming Episode why you feel angry and resentful after a long daydreaming episode

One of the common feelings or emotional responses for most daydreamers is this feeling of anger and resentment towards themselves because of their daydreaming. So, why do they really feel this way?

The first aspect is looking at the impact of daydreaming on your life. Realistically speaking, you’re examining how daydreaming is ruining your life, how it’s taking away your opportunities, and how it’s preventing you from achieving your goals. When you consider these things, it’s natural to feel anger about the fact that you can’t stop something that is ruining your life. That’s where the anger comes in — how can you not stop something that’s destroying your life?

Another aspect is the loss of time. You might be angry because you’re realizing the time you’ve lost in this imaginary world. You may have spent years daydreaming, or perhaps you’re losing six hours a day or three hours a day just to this activity. When you reflect on what you could have accomplished with that time and the missed opportunities, it’s natural to feel angry with yourself.

The other aspect is self-blame. When you desperately want to stop daydreaming, especially when you’re aware of its negative effects, you may start blaming yourself. You might wonder why you can’t stop something that others seem to manage effortlessly. You compare yourself to others and ask, “Why am I the only one doing this?” When you blame yourself for what’s happening, it can lead to anger and frustration.

Anger is a common feeling in this situation, and it’s a normal emotional response. It’s an indication that you’re unhappy with your current state. However, you can use this anger constructively. Instead of being angry at your anger, channel it as motivation to drive yourself forward. Use it as a catalyst for change, to work on addressing the root causes of your daydreaming or to seek help.

So, don’t beat yourself up for feeling angry; instead, focus that anger on working on yourself and finding ways to manage your daydreaming. I hope you found this information helpful.

Note from the Author

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