Why Does Narcissist Keep Calling After Being Blocked?

Why Does Narcissist Keep Calling After Being Blocked? why does narcissist keep calling after being blocked?
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When you’ve left that abusive relationship and you’re practicing ‘no contact,’ having even blocked your narcissistic ex, they may keep calling you. They are quite persistent, reaching out with different numbers and at various times of the day. You may even be tempted to unblock them so that you can tell them to stop calling you. So, why do they call you persistently?

Need for Control

The first reason why they will call you incessantly is that they want to regain control over you and feel like they still have influence. One thing with narcissists is they thrive on authority and pride themselves on having power over someone. When you block them, it appears as a challenge they need to overcome to satisfy their ego’s need for attention, validation, and admiration. They feel threatened when it seems like they’ve lost control over someone they used to influence, and they want to reclaim that control.

Inability to Accept Rejection

Narcissists’ persistent attempts to contact someone even after being blocked can also stem from a deep fear of abandonment and rejection. For narcissists, rejection acts as a trigger, surfacing unresolved emotions from their traumatic past. The prospect of being rejected intensifies their internal struggles and insecurities, prompting them to engage in desperate efforts to avoid facing these overwhelming feelings and anxieties associated with being rejected. The persistent communication becomes a coping mechanism, a way to escape the distressing emotions that arise when they are rejected.



Whatever you do, do not unblock them, even if they call a million times. Do not reopen those old doors, even if it’s to unblock and tell them to stop. That would be communicating with them, and they know how to get to you or how to manipulate. So, when you haven’t reached the point where you feel strong enough to repel their approaches, keep them blocked. If you feel some remorse and unblock them because they’ve been persistent, then you’re opening yourself up to manipulation.

You might also feel that their persistence is a sign that they truly love you and want the relationship, which may seem legitimate. But don’t let your mind play these tricks on you; understand that a healthy relationship is not desperate; it is patient. Once you leave, focus on working on yourself and avoid giving attention to someone who has reduced you to a shell of what you used to be.

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