Why Do You Feel Hopeless After Leaving an Abusive Relationship?

Why Do You Feel Hopeless After Leaving an Abusive Relationship? why do you feel hopeless after leaving an abusive relationship?
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Why do you feel hopeless after leaving a toxic relationship? Hopeless here means that you feel that nothing will ever go your way, that healing is not even possible, and there’s no such thing as healing or moving on. You feel that your life is almost over, like there’s no hope for you, no hope for your future.

Actually, you feel hopeless because you are not seeing life as it is now. Instead, you are seeing it from the negative perspective of the negative things you’ve carried from the past. When you’ve been constantly exposed to negativities in your life, like the abusive relationship or being pushed aside by friends, these experiences become your identity. They become your false identity. So, when you see life from this perspective, you see everything as negative. The world seems like it’s going to end because of war, and you filter everything through negativity. You won’t see the other side, where people are doing good things in this world. Your filter, which is your inner belief system, is broken. Instead of filtering out the bad, it’s now filtering out the good, and the bad comes out.

Feeling hopeless is a result of being stuck in a mindset filled with negativity. Your life may have been filled with negativity to the point where your mind has become so accustomed to it that you can’t see beyond it. It’s like being stuck in a dark room for a very long time, and you get used to it to the point where you think that’s how life is supposed to be. The dark room now becomes this feeling of hopelessness, and you may even think that it’s your destiny to be someone who’s hopeless in life.

However, once you break free from that dark room and let light in, you start to realize that all along, the solutions have always been there. The mind may keep you stuck, but it’s also the same mind that can free you. Hope that makes sense. You are not hopeless, and you can still find hope for yourself.

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