Why Do Narcissists Keep Playing Mind Games Even After Discarding You?

Why Do Narcissists Keep Playing Mind Games Even After Discarding You? why do narcissists keep playing mind games even after discarding you?
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Today, I’ll be addressing the question of why manipulative people continue to play mind games with you even after they’ve left. You may have ended the relationship a year or two ago, or they may have discarded you and moved on to another relationship, yet they persist in playing mind games. These games can manifest in various ways, such as late-night texts, liking your photos, sending happy anniversary messages, expressing that they miss you, or even communicating through mutual friends. Regardless of the content, these actions aim to evoke a reaction, making you feel confused about their intentions.

So, why do they do it? The primary reason is attention. Manipulative individuals often thrive on attention, compensating for a deep inner emptiness. Seeking attention from others makes them feel loved and acknowledged. When they engage in mind games with you, it’s a way of ensuring they still have your attention and are in your thoughts. It becomes a measure of control for them.

Another motive is to keep you as a backup supply. In case their current relationship falls apart or they face difficulties, they want to ensure you remain accessible. Playing mind games helps them gauge whether you’re still responsive to their actions. If you react to their games, it signals that you haven’t fully moved on. However, if you remain indifferent, they may realize you’ve moved on, making you less usable for their needs.

Do no Play into Their Games

It’s crucial to recognize that you, too, are playing mind games with them by seeking answers or understanding their actions. Engaging in this way means you’re diverting your focus from your own healing and growth. The key to winning when dealing with manipulative people is not to play their games. Instead, focus on healing the pain, repairing damage, building self-esteem, and breaking free from negative beliefs and thought loops.

Don’t get caught up in understanding their motivations; instead, explore why you’re stuck in this pain and how you can take care of yourself. Shift your focus from their actions to your own well-being. Concentrate on understanding why you engage in certain behaviors and work towards building a healthier future for yourself. By prioritizing self-care and personal growth, you’ll be better equipped to protect yourself from manipulative individuals. It’s a game if you’re participating in it but it stop being a game when you heal and become indifferent to their actions or their dramas.

Note from the Author

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