Why Are You Really Stuck in Your Healing Journey After Abuse?

Why Are You Really Stuck in Your Healing Journey After Abuse? why are you really stuck in your healing journey after abuse?
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Why are you feeling stuck in your healing journey? When I say “stuck,” I mean that you can’t seem to make progress, feel your emotions, or find a way forward. It’s as if you’re hitting a roadblock, and despite your efforts, you can’t navigate through it. So, why does this feeling of being stuck persist?

The best analogy to illustrate this situation is to picture the drainage in your house being blocked. It’s clogged with debris, hindering the natural flow. Logically, you’d remove the debris to allow things to flow smoothly. Similarly, after leaving an abusive relationship, you’ve accumulated a lot of emotional debris. You’ve stored away tears, emotions, and sensations, either to protect yourself during the relationship or because you’ve internalized the belief that your emotions are invalid. These accumulated negative emotions act like debris, obstructing the natural process of releasing through crying or just any other form of emotional release.

You may have attempted various approaches — positive affirmations, reading, even jumping into another relationship — but you still find yourself stuck. It’s similar to pouring water into a blocked drainage; it might fill up, but the issue remains unresolved. The reason you feel heavy and stuck is that you’re carrying baggage from the past that needs processing.

To allow the emotional flow, just like unclogging a drainage, you need to remove the emotional debris. If you find it challenging to do it on your own, what’s the logical step? Seeking help. Asking for assistance to clear the emotional debris, allowing a clean and natural flow of emotions. The answers may be within you, but sometimes they’re so deeply hidden that you might not see them on your own. Seeking help becomes crucial in this scenario.

Healing is not meant to be a prolonged process that takes years and years. Once you identify what needs to be done, the process of unclogging becomes much more manageable. Recognizing that you’re stuck is the perfect time to seek help, clear the emotional debris, and let things flow naturally. You are stuck because you’ve been stacking things on the pipe instead of removing them to facilitate a natural flow.

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