Why a Narcissist May Desperately Want You Out of Their Life?

Why a Narcissist May Desperately Want You Out of Their Life? why a narcissist may desperately want you out of their life?
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Navigating a relationship with a narcissist can be an emotionally draining journey, filled with complexities and challenges. As you find the courage to assert your independence and question the manipulative tactics employed by the narcissist, you may observe a striking shift in their behavior.


Suddenly, there is an unmistakable eagerness on their part to distance themselves from you, pushing you away as you challenge their carefully constructed sense of control and power. This push-and-pull dynamic can leave you feeling confused as the narcissist’s desire to regain dominance becomes evident through their attempts to discard you from their life. So, why would a narcissist want to discard you so badly?

1. Loss of control

Narcissists thrive on having control over others and exerting power in relationships. If they sense that you are becoming more independent or resistant to their manipulation, they may try to discard you as a way to regain control.

2. Fear of exposure

As the relationship progresses, you may start to see through the narcissist’s façade and recognize their manipulative and toxic behavior. They might fear that you will expose their true nature to others, which can damage their carefully crafted image. They love having a good reputation, and when they feel that you are about to ruin that and they don’t have a comeback, they will desperately want to discard you.

3. Pursuit of new supply

Narcissists always want people to admire and pay attention to them. If they find someone new who gives them the admiration they crave, like a new boyfriend or friend, they might stop paying attention to you and focus on that new person instead. They will do so especially if they feel that you’re hindering them from pursuing that new supply.

4. Avoiding accountability

Moreover, narcissists often refuse to admit their harmful actions and try to escape any consequences. They use discarding as a convenient way to avoid taking responsibility or facing any confrontations. By removing you from their life, they can keep behaving manipulatively without any repercussions.

5. You’re no Longer Serving them

The last reason why they may desperately want you out of their life is that they feel you’re no longer meeting their needs or serving their purposes in life. For example, you might be sick, disabled, or broke, and they feel that you’re becoming a burden in their lives.



In conclusion, dealing with a narcissist who desperately wants you out of their life can be a tumultuous and emotionally draining experience. Recognizing the reasons behind their actions can help you better understand their manipulative behavior and protect yourself from further harm. Remember, it’s essential to prioritize your well-being and set healthy boundaries when dealing with toxic individuals.

Ultimately, while they may want you out of their life, you should see it as a blessing in disguise, as you are finally about to be set free from the claws of someone who has made your life a living hell. It won’t be easy, and it will be painful, but always remember that you deserve a better life, a life of abundance and freedom. Choosing to distance yourself from a toxic person can lead to a healthier and happier life, free from their harmful influence.

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