When Your Partner Sends Flirty Messages to Others When Angry?

When Your Partner Sends Flirty Messages to Others When Angry? when your partner sends flirty messages to others when angry?
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Have you ever felt upset because your partner texts other people in a flirty way when they’re mad at you? It’s a situation that can leave you feeling confused and hurt. Today, I would like to answer the question of what you need to do when your partner sends dirty texts to others because they’re mad at you. This situation arises when you mostly raise a concern about the relationship, but instead of resolving the matter, they get mad and sext someone else. Of course, you will feel bad about it, and when you’re afraid of the relationship ending, you may end up apologizing for doing nothing.

Actually, the first thing you need to realize when you’re in this situation is that you’re not in a healthy relationship. This is because if someone goes to that extent of not wanting to solve the issues in the relationship, then there are only two options: either you end the relationship or you just stick with it but end up getting hurt.

Also, when your partner flirts with other people, and then you find yourself asking for feedback in forums, it simply means there’s a problem in the relationship and the problem can also solved by you being honest with yourself and the reality of the relationship. It’s about going back to the basics — what are your boundaries? What are some of the things you cannot tolerate in a relationship?

When you don’t have a great relationship with yourself, or when you’re neglecting yourself consciously or unconsciously, you tend to ignore the significant and clear red flags because you’re afraid of what will happen if you acknowledge the truth about the toxicity of the relationship.

When your partner constantly avoids conflict or gets mad when you raise something, that is an avoidance of conflict, and you will end up getting hurt. You may want to keep the relationship and seek solutions, but often, the desire to maintain the relationship stems from fear of abandonment or being alone. When you’re emotionally and physically dependent on someone else, you’ll do whatever it takes to keep them because you’re not accustomed to standing up for yourself. If your partner flirts instead of resolving issues, ask yourself why you’re staying in that environment, or even question if they have the energy to flirt, then they should have the energy to address those issues.

Also, when someone avoids concerns and consistently engages in behaviors you dislike, it indicates that you, too, are avoiding the inevitable. You’re sidestepping the reality that perhaps you’re not standing up for yourself or that you’re tolerating your partner’s behaviors. This pattern is common in many relationships, especially unhealthy ones. Over time, you may become accustomed to tolerating hurtful behavior until it becomes normalized, and you’re unsure how you reached that point. It often begins with seemingly minor issues.

Therefore, it’s crucial to address problems in a relationship as soon as they arise. If you find yourself hesitant to raise concerns, recognize that it’s about you. You may be grappling with deep-seated insecurities, such as fear of abandonment, rejection, or not pleasing others. Addressing these fears is key. Once you confront them, you’ll realize that perhaps the relationship isn’t right for you, or you may need to explore other options.

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