When Your Partner Constantly Lies Even When You Have Evidence?

When Your Partner Constantly Lies Even When You Have Evidence? when your partner constantly lies even when you have evidence?
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Today I’ll be answering the question of why someone denies what you’ve really seen. Like, I’ve seen this example where someone says they installed cameras in the house to catch their partner cheating, and they have all the footage and evidence, but still, the partner denies it. Why does someone deny that? That’s prime manipulation. When you can see something and truly understand that it’s happening, that is your truth, your reality. However, when someone else denies that reality, it’s called gaslighting. It’s an attempt to distort your sense of reality.

When someone constantly denies your reality, you may start questioning your own perception. Even though you’ve seen something, constant questioning can lead you to doubt your own reality. Leaving an abusive relationship, you might even think you’re insane because your reality has been questioned to the point of self-doubt. This manipulation is more potent when it comes from someone you trust and hold in high regard.

The foundation of your reality may also be shaky if, on a deeper level, you lack self-belief. When someone questions your reality repeatedly, it shakes the foundation of your self-perception. You might start internalizing their version of reality, thinking you are crazy or making things up.

Gaslighting is a dangerous form of manipulation because it can lead you to see life through someone else’s lenses, trusting them more than you trust yourself. When someone denies something you know is true, and they continue to deny it, recognize that you are being manipulated. The best course of action is to walk away from that person, not to seek more evidence. Looking for more evidence can further disconnect you from reality.

Being in a relationship where you’re constantly playing the detective is unhealthy. A relationship should allow you to express yourself and have some freedom. Remember, you’re not crazy; your reality has been distorted. Healing is necessary to rebuild self-belief and trust in what you see, not what others tell you.

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