When They Can’t Control You, They Control How Others See You

When They Can’t Control You, They Control How Others See You when they can’t control you
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One thing that may occur when you’ve figured them out or when they can’t control you is that they try to manipulate how others perceive you. When they realize that they can’t breach your boundaries or influence your decisions, they resort to influencing the people around you. This is the essence of a smear campaign. If they’re unable to manipulate you directly, they’ll try to sway the opinions of those close to you, such as your family and friends. By doing so, they aim to create doubt in your mind and make you question your reality. When people you trust start echoing the abuser’s sentiments, you may begin to doubt yourself and fall back into their manipulative games.

Another strategy they might use is exploiting your vulnerabilities, such as manipulating you through your children or using people you hold in high regard like your parents or in-laws. They understand that you may be more susceptible to influence from these individuals, so they leverage these relationships to their advantage. It’s crucial to be wary of such tactics and not blindly accept what others say, but instead trust your own instincts and beliefs.

Sometimes, abusers may extend their manipulation tactics to figures of authority, such as religious leaders or community elders, like your pastor. By leveraging their position of trust and influence, these authority figures can further reinforce the abuser’s narrative and exert control over you. This manipulation through respected individuals not only adds another layer of legitimacy to the abuser’s tactics but also makes it challenging for you to challenge or resist their influence. This exploitation of trust and faith can deeply impact your ability to discern manipulation from genuine guidance, further entrenching you in the cycle of abuse.

This underscores the importance of maintaining strong boundaries and a deep understanding of yourself. By recognizing that their control over others is not a reflection of your worth, you can resist their manipulative tactics and stay true to yourself.

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