Understanding the Reasons Behind Your Narcissist Ex Unblocking You

Understanding the Reasons Behind Your Narcissist Ex Unblocking You understanding the reasons behind your narcissist ex unblocking you
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Sometimes, after you have ended the relationship or when you are practicing “no contact,” your abusive ex may block and then unblock you on social media platforms. This can leave you feeling confused and with conflicting emotions. So, why do they do it?

The first reason is that they want to check if you’ve fully moved on. They want to see if they can still use you for their own needs, such as getting money, validation, sex, or a place to stay. By unblocking you, they hope to see if you’re still interested in their life or if you’re receptive to their advances. This gives them a sense of control and allows them to continue their cycle of abuse.

The second reason is for their own validation. Abusive people thrive on attention and validation. They may unblock you to see if you’re viewing their posts or photos because it feeds their fragile ego. They want to know if they still have a presence in your life and if they can grab your attention. When they receive your attention, it validates and approves them.


The last reason is that it’s part of their mind games. Abusive people enjoy playing with your emotions and seeing your reactions. Blocking and unblocking you is just another way for them to manipulate you. They want to see you get angry, upset, or emotionally distraught because it gives them a sense of power and control over your life.


Remember, their actions of blocking and unblocking are part of their game. If you’re practicing no contact and struggling to move on, focus on yourself and your own healing. Don’t engage in their games because that’s what they want. Distance yourself from them and work on attracting healthy relationships in the future.

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