Toxic Relationships: Is Controlling Behavior A Sign of Love and Care from Your Partner?

Toxic Relationships: Is Controlling Behavior A Sign of Love and Care from Your Partner? toxic relationships: is controlling behavior a sign of love and care from your partner?
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Today, I’ll be addressing the question of whether controlling behavior from your partner is a sign of love or them taking care of you. Actually, control is never a manifestation of love; love is more about support. There’s a significant distinction between a partner supporting you towards your goals and a partner controlling you.

When you’re being controlled, it feels like someone is restricting your freedom and limiting your ability to think. A healthy relationship is meant to enhance your freedom and encourage independent thought. If you find yourself wanting to be controlled by someone else, it might indicate a lack of belief in yourself, your abilities, and your capacity for personal growth. The deeper issue lies in this lack of self-belief, leading you to seek someone who controls you on an unconscious level.

You might mistakenly interpret this control as love, but in reality, it stems from your insecurity and lack of confidence. If you truly believed in yourself, you would be seeking a partner who supports you rather than one who controls you. Seeking opinions, having discussions, and making decisions together are aspects of a supportive relationship, not one where one person imposes their will on you.

Often, toxic relationships develop when individuals lack self-belief and surrender their power to someone else. Initially, it might start with seemingly innocent controls, such as curfew times, but it can escalate into controlling finances, dictating friendships, and isolating you from your interests, career, friends, family, and ultimately, yourself. This transformation is when the relationship becomes very manipulative and toxic.

It’s crucial not to surrender control, even to your partner. Instead, let them support you in your endeavors. A healthy relationship involves having open discussions and not accepting everything your partner says as an absolute truth. Losing the control you had before the relationship can quickly turn the relationship toxic to toxic territory. Let the relationship be a source of personal growth, improving aspects of your life rather than stifling them.

Think of a relationship like nurturing a rose. Controlling it would be like stifling its growth, not allowing it to flourish. True love involves letting each other grow and supporting that growth. Remember, control is not love; genuine love is found in support. Once you believe in yourself, you’ll understand this distinction. If you love being controlled, you’ve got to do some inner work to improve your self-esteem.

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