Toxic Relationships: How Do You End A Toxic Relationship Without Drama?

Toxic Relationships: How Do You End A Toxic Relationship Without Drama? toxic relationships: how do you end a toxic relationship without drama?
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Today, I’ll be answering this question of how do you end a toxic relationship without the drama? This is a very interesting topic because when you think about ending a relationship with someone who’s controlling or abusive, of course, you know they thrive in dramatic environments. For example, they might burst with anger, they might break things. If you’re ending the relationship in a normal way, like meeting in a restaurant and telling someone, “Hey, I want us to part ways,” in normal relationships, the other partner may just be okay, but in abusive relationships, they may cause a scene, especially if you are the one initiating the breakup. They may call your parents, they may threaten self-harm; that’s a very common one. They may break a few cups, break windows because you wanting to leave triggers their deep insecurities.

So, you may be asking, what’s the best way to do it to avoid the drama of the situation? Actually, the first thing to consider is, when you’re ending a toxic relationship, don’t think that they may not do the extreme. Don’t assume that, “I know them; they won’t do that.” The first thing to consider is your safety. It doesn’t matter how you end it; the best thing to do is consider your safety, which includes your physical safety. There’s no point in ending a toxic relationship in a place where no one is watching or inside your home. Maybe you can end it in a restaurant or even just text them and leave. If it’s a physically abusive situation, the best thing to do is just leave for your own safety. So, it doesn’t matter how you end it, but prioritize your own safety. Don’t end it in places where you may feel unsafe. If you want to end it by texting them or even in a police station, that’s okay as long as you are prioritizing your safety. Even if it means going far away, a million miles away, or just going no contact, do it as long as you are safe.

There’s no perfect way, but the best indicator, depending on your circumstances because circumstances are different, is to prioritize your safety. Some people may end it in a restaurant, by message, phone call, or just cutting off contact. All these things depend on your circumstances. Are you safe? Prioritize your safety. So, the best way to end a toxic relationship is to think about your safety first, and maybe the safety of your kids. Don’t make rush decisions that may jeopardize your life.

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