Toxic Relationship: Why Do They Flaunt their new Partner for Everyone to See?

Toxic Relationship: Why Do They Flaunt their new Partner for Everyone to See? toxic relationship: why do they flaunt their new partner for everyone to see?
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Today I’ll be answering the question: Why does your abusive ex flaunt the new supply by posting them everywhere? This means that they may post about them on all platforms, from Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook — just any kind of platform. They may tell your friends, they may tell your family that they’ve actually found someone else. They may also text you. Why is it that they may really show the world that they found someone else, even if you haven’t fully ended the relationship, still talking about divorce proceedings if you’re married, and you’re not sure if they’ll come back, but they’ve already moved forward with someone else? Why is that?

Well, there are two reasons for this. The first reason is a deep feeling of insecurity. When someone really puts it out there, like really wants to show others, it’s a feeling of deep dissatisfaction with themselves. When someone puts out there that they want to show others that they are happy, that they have someone else, it’s lacking on a deeper level. They want admiration and attention from others because something about abusive people or people with toxic behavior is that most of the time, they lack that inner validation, that inner sense of self-worth, that belief in themselves on an inner level. So, because they are lacking that self-esteem, they want to show others on the outer. They want to build this outer image that they’re really making it, that they’re having this awesome life. That’s what they do. They really flaunt to show that this person is always getting girlfriends and boyfriends, this person is actually always getting other people — beautiful, etc. Because they want to display this outer picture, but deep inside, they’re lacking. Deep inside, they don’t believe in themselves; they are bitter, and all those things. So, the main reason they flaunt is they just want to rub it in everyone’s faces, but deep inside, they’re lacking.

Another instance is, of course, they want to get to you. They want to show people that actually, they are still winning. Something about abusive people is they want to have this sense of dominance, power, and control. When they show that they have someone else, another partner, another wife, they want to show you that, “Hey, you lost someone, and I’m still in control. I can still get other people. I can still sleep with other people. I can still get another relationship.” They just want to show you, just to rub it in your face, so that you may feel a bit of regret losing them. You may feel that maybe you lost a very good person, or maybe you are to blame. It’s all about winning for them; it’s all about winning. It’s not about just being neutral or telling you that they’re okay. No, it’s all about telling you that, in the end, they won.

So, the best thing is, don’t focus on trying to fight with them. You cannot fight with someone who doesn’t have a sense of moral compass or a guilt conscience. You cannot fight with them because they’ll do anything to show you that they are winning. To them, winning is the game — not winning on an inner level or feeling inner peace; it’s winning on an outer level. So, when you just follow that truth, you’re following a truth that will not help you grow. Instead, stop focusing on them; focus on you. Focus on why it is that you attract these kinds of people and how you can stop attracting them or how you can walk away when you see someone who doesn’t display behaviors that are good for you.

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