Should You Unblock Them to Tell Them Not to Call You?

Should You Unblock Them to Tell Them Not to Call You? should you unblock them to tell them not to call you?
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Today I would like to answer this question: should you unblock them to tell them not to call you?

This is a pretty common situation when dealing with someone manipulative. Picture this: you’re trying to keep your distance and move on. You’ve even blocked their number, but they still find ways to contact you, maybe through an anonymous number. However, if you’re pretty keen, you’ve been recognizing it’s them every time. They may keep calling until it becomes downright annoying. So you might consider unblocking them to set things straight, to tell them to stop calling. But is that wise? Should you unblock them just to deliver that message?

Actually, that’s the last thing you should do. It’s unproductive and counterproductive to block someone just to unblock them later. It’s best to maintain the block because unblocking them still leaves the door open for communication. There are several reasons why unblocking them isn’t a good idea.

Firstly, there’s the potential for manipulation. Abusive individuals excel at pressing people’s buttons, and reopening communication with them can put you at risk of being manipulated again. That’s how they gained control over you initially. They’re incredibly persuasive and skilled at using various tactics, even ones you least expect, like involving your children or family, to manipulate you and regain control. So, simply informing them that you’re blocking them again reopens that communication, making you vulnerable to manipulation, especially if you haven’t fully understood yourself or your boundaries. If you’re still in the early stages, feeling vulnerable, desperate, or struggling, it’s best not to unblock them.

Another aspect to consider is the potential for emotional pain. When you haven’t fully healed, the wounds are still raw, right? You find yourself constantly triggered. So, unblocking them is like reopening those wounds. Even if you’ve been moving forward and living a normal life, just hearing their voice or reading their texts can bring back all those painful memories. It’s a trigger that reminds you of the past and the harm they caused. So, by unblocking them just to block them again, you’re essentially hurting yourself.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the message you send by unblocking them. It signals to them that you’re still available and open to communication, creating a sense of hope for them. They interpret this as an opportunity to try again, perhaps with a different approach. It’s like you’re indicating that you’re within their reach. Consequently, they may persistently continue their attempts to contact you, fueled by the belief that they can still win you back. For instance, you might send them a text one day, and the next, they respond with apologies and promises to change their behavior. By reopening communication in this way, you indirectly show them that you’re still invested, giving them a glimmer of hope for reconciliation.

So, it’s best not to unblock them at all. If their calls are still bothering you, it suggests there’s still some work to be done in you. This is what inner work is all about — reaching a point where their attempts to contact you no longer affect you. Even if they call you 40 times a day, you’ll remain indifferent because you understand their desperation. You’re aware that there’s nothing positive to gain from rekindling a relationship with someone who avoids accountability for their harmful actions. You’ve internalized this understanding.

So, focus on healing yourself instead of unblocking them. Maintain the block and work on reaching a state where their attempts to reach you won’t faze you. Eventually, they’ll tire of trying when they realize you’re truly moving on and seeking someone else. That’s just how life works. Giving them even the slightest bit of attention shows them a way to access you again.

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