My Ex Narc Got Engaged Recently? Will They Be Back Still?

My Ex Narc Got Engaged Recently? Will They Be Back Still? my ex narc got engaged recently? will they be back still?
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The end of a relationship with a narcissistic partner can be an emotionally tumultuous experience. So, when news of their recent engagement surfaces, it can trigger a mix of confusion, pain, and uncertainty. You may find yourself questioning whether their engagement means they are done with the past or if they will try to return to your life once again. You may think that now they’ve found someone and gotten married, they will stop bothering you. Narcissists’ behavior is deeply rooted in their self-centered nature, and getting married does not necessarily signify a transformation in their personality.

So, will they stop bothering you once they get married? There’s no definite answer for this but they may not really stop bother you even when they have someone else. They might want to keep you around just as backup, just in case the other relationship doesn’t work out. If their current relationship encounters difficulties or the partner becomes less available or adoring, the narcissist can turn to the backup for validation and emotional sustenance. This behavior is often fueled by a fear of rejection or abandonment and a desire to maintain a sense of control over their relationships.

In some cases, narcissists may not only keep someone around as a backup but also use them as a means to bolster their dominance in their new relationships. By labeling the previous partner as a ‘psycho’ ex, the narcissist seeks to manipulate their current partner’s perception, making themselves appear like the victim of an unstable and irrational past relationship. This tactic serves to enhance the narcissist’s image as the one who has overcome adversity and to garner sympathy and support from their new partner. By portraying the ex-partner as mentally unstable, the narcissist aims to undermine any potential credibility the ex might have, thereby solidifying their dominance and control over their current relationship.

Also, when a narcissist gets engaged or enters a new serious relationship, it could be an opportune moment for you to redirect your energy towards your own healing and growth. The narcissist’s preoccupation with their new partner may temporarily lessen the frequency of their bothering you. This period of relative reprieve allows you to focus on addressing and resolving the deep emotional wounds caused by the toxic relationship with the narcissist. By investing time and effort into healing, you can strengthen your emotional resilience and gain insights into why you might have been susceptible to their manipulations and struggles with maintaining healthy boundaries.

In conclusion, dealing with narcissists and their potential attempts to re-enter your life requires self-empowerment and inner strength. Regardless of their manipulative tactics or intentions, it ultimately rests upon you to set healthy boundaries and decide whether to allow them back into your life.

Healing from past experiences is essential to break free from destructive patterns and avoid being drawn to individuals who may exploit or harm you emotionally. Remember, you hold the key to your own happiness and the power to keep the door shut on those who do not genuinely respect and value you.

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