Maladaptive Daydreaming: How Do You Stop Having Delusional Dreams About Your Ex?

Maladaptive Daydreaming: How Do You Stop Having Delusional Dreams About Your Ex? maladaptive daydreaming: how do you stop having delusional dreams about your ex?

Today, I’ll address the question of how to stop having delusional dreams about your ex. I recently saw someone ask in a forum how they can stop fantasizing excessively about their ex, especially when their ex had a negative impact on their life. So, the focus isn’t on stopping these fantasies but on addressing the negative emotions they evoke and how they affect your life.

Fantasizing, including about an ex, is a natural human experience. The issue lies in the negative emotions and overthinking it can trigger, such as thoughts of unworthiness or betrayal. The solution doesn’t involve stopping the fantasy itself, as it’s a real-life experience, but in addressing the negative emotions it stirs up.

If you were betrayed by your ex, you may still be carrying negative emotions related to those past events. These unprocessed emotions are what continue to affect you. When you daydream about your ex or have delusional dreams, it’s a reminder of these emotions that you haven’t dealt with.

Think about how you might fantasize about a celebrity you’ve never met. It feels good because there’s no emotional connection. Breaking the emotional connection with your ex and processing the negative emotions, like anger and feelings of betrayal, can make it a normal, harmless fantasy.

Everything happening in your mind, whether about a celebrity or your ex, is a product of your own creation. The reactions in real life are influenced by past experiences. So, instead of focusing on stopping the delusional dreams or fantasies, focus on dealing with the negative emotions you’ve yet to process due to past relationships.

Don’t let yourself down further by seeking solutions in dreams or by stopping them. Help yourself by addressing those negative emotions stemming from past relationships, which is essentially a form of trauma processing and dealing with pent-up or stuck emotions. Once you process these emotions, fantasizing about your ex won’t stir up negative feelings because you’ll have already addressed them.

In essence, it’s not about forgetting but about dealing with the emotions that these fantasies trigger. It can be challenging, especially when there was a strong connection, but it’s essential to focus on processing these emotions rather than trying to stop the dreams.

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