Leaving a Toxic Relationship: Is it Okay to End a Toxic Relationship via Text?

Leaving a Toxic Relationship: Is it Okay to End a Toxic Relationship via Text? leaving a toxic relationship: is it okay to end a toxic relationship via text?
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I’ve seen people ask this question, wondering what is the best way to really end a relationship with a toxic person? They might be verbally abusive, even have some bit of physical violence to it. So you are contemplating, like what’s the best way to end the relationship? Actually… It’s very OK to end the relationship with a text or even. This is because when it comes to ending a relationship with a toxic person, the only priority is your safety.

Forget about everything else. Forget about morality because some people may advise you that it’s not good to end these things via text or it’s not good just to leave like that. Actually the best way is even just ending it even without telling them, just leaving and going. But if you want to end it by text then it’s very okay. Just keep it as a simple closed-ended text which doesn’t really open up lines of communication.

It’s very okay to end the relationship with a text because with a text you are prioritizing your safety and do not end with a text when you are still with them, just be far away from them because something about toxic people is they won’t really take it lightly when you reject them.

They might erupt with rage, they might feel so angered at times they may get violent as they are afraid of being abandoned or being rejected. So for your own safety, if you really want to break up with them via text, just do it, but be far away from them as far as possible.

Don’t get too hung up on societal rules like “oh, it’s not proper.” In reality, when someone starts mistreating you or using you for their own gain, any sense of morality went out the window long ago. Ending things via text might make you feel guilty, but don’t let that cloud your judgment. Being in such relationships already messes with your emotions and your ability to make sound judgments because you’ve been through a lot — you’ve been treated poorly, insulted, and called all sorts of names.

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