Hypervigilance: The Most Common Behavior for Someone Who’s Been in An Abusive Relationship

Hypervigilance: The Most Common Behavior for Someone Who’s Been in An Abusive Relationship hypervigilance: the most common behavior for someone who’s been in an abusive relationship
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Today, I’ll be answering the question of what is the most common behavior for someone who has undergone a lot of abuse. Actually, the most common behavior is hypervigilance. Hypervigilance is an instance where you are always on the lookout, always watching over your shoulder, always feeling that people or someone is there to hurt you. Hypervigilance is a very common symptom of trauma. It’s when you see something in the present moment that is not even harmful, but because you are still living in the past and carrying pain from the past, that thing reminds you of that past.

So, your mind thinks that you are always not safe, making you interpret everything as if you’re in danger. Even normal situations can make you feel paranoid because your mind sees danger everywhere. For instance, you might see a fly and think it’s something else, or a yellow car might remind you of your ex. You might receive a call from new number on your phone, and instead of thinking it’s your mom or a friend, you think it’s your ex. Your mind has become hyper-vigilant and sensitive due to past hurt, and it scrutinizes everything.

Even in a new relationship, you might end up stalking your partner because you always feel they are cheating. This constant lookout for danger stems from feeling unsafe on the inside. Being traumatized means that a small thing reminds you of the past, and because of that, you feel constantly in danger. Without dealing with the pain, you end up seeing everything as a potential threat.

Processing the pain and wounds is crucial to reaching a point where you can see something for what it is in the present moment. You learn to differentiate between the past and the present. Once you heal, you feel safe within yourself, allowing you to assess situations more logically. Being hypervigilant might seem like it keeps you safe, but it can also lead to self-harm and ignoring real dangers because you perceive everything as a threat. You will even end up seeing the danger in things or people that are out there to support you.

Once you heal, you can see things as they are. If it’s a dangerous situation, you recognize it without seeing everything as a potential danger. It’s normal to feel this way, but dealing with the pain helps you feel safe within yourself.

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