How Long Should Someone Stay in No Contact After Being Dumped by A Narcissist?

How Long Should Someone Stay in No Contact After Being Dumped by A Narcissist? how long should someone stay in no contact after being dumped by a narcissist?
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Breaking free from a relationship with a narcissist can be an emotionally draining journey, and one strategy that often emerges as a crucial step in the healing process is going no contact. No contact is when you intentionally cut off all forms of direct and indirect information with them. It provides you with the space and time to recover from the abuse and to understand your personal boundaries. As you start your no-contact journey, you may be eager to know how long you’ve got to stay no contact.

No Contact as Long as You Wish

Actually, where possible, you should go no contact for as long as you wish. When they don’t have anything you need, then you can go no contact forever. You may be tempted to call them, check up on them, or leave a crack for ‘just in case,’ but that’s not the best way to go, especially early on in your healing journey.

The first and best place to start is to not really focus on how long, but to focus on how best you can use your no contact to heal from the pain they’ve inflicted deep inside you. When you place undue emphasis on the duration of the no-contact period, it sends a subtle yet powerful message to yourself — a message that suggests eagerness or impatience to reconnect with the person from whom you are seeking emotional and physical distance. The focus on “how long” unconsciously implies a countdown, as if you are counting the days until you allow them back into your life. When you constantly monitor the clock during the no-contact period, you’re diminishing the effectiveness of your journey.

Do they Forget About You?

You might assume that maintaining no contact for 8 to 10 years or more would mean they’ve forgotten about you, only to be surprised when they reach out after many years. This is why the key to the door lies solely with you.

Work on addressing those emotional buttons and vulnerabilities that the narcissist could still exploit to re-enter your life. Instead of fixating on how long the no-contact period lasts, focus on accelerating your healing process. This way, you won’t live in fear of the possibility of returning to them or be on high alert every time you receive a call from a new number. By concentrating on how you can utilize this time to heal, rebuild, and enhance your well-being, you redirect your energy towards self-improvement.

In conclusion, you can go no contact for as long as you wish, but do not fixate on the duration; instead, concentrate on how you can expel them from your mind and your life. Work on releasing the hate and bitterness you harbor towards someone who has truly done awful things to you. This is the only way to fully implement no contact on an inner level — to be unbothered by harassing calls and to know the best kind of action to take to physically protect yourself from them.

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