How Do You Know if The Narcissist is Finished with You?

How Do You Know if The Narcissist is Finished with You? how do you know if the narcissist is finished with you?
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A relationship with a narcissist is a challenging and emotionally draining experience. They will suck the energy out of you as they seek to satisfy their needs and exert dominance over you. The most notable feature of a narcissistic relationship is the idealization-devalue-discard-hoover cycle of abuse, in which they first put you on a pedestal only to ruin your self-esteem and well-being later on.

A narcissist views you as someone they can exploit and manipulate to cater to their needs, and not as a human being who needs care. The abuse cycle will leave you feeling confused, hurt, anxious, and uncertain about what to do. During the course of the relationship, the narcissist may cheat on you or show signs of disinterest. Their hot and cold behavior will even make you question if you’re still in a relationship. You may want to end the relationship or talk about it with them, but because your inner strength has been eroded, you are afraid of voicing your concerns.

One of the questions that will be at the back of your mind is trying to figure out if the narcissist is finally done with you. Some signs that the narcissist may be done with you are: -: –

  1. Intense Silent Treatment — They may go silent or even ghost you for weeks, as if you’re not there. They just don’t want to be around you anymore. They may not even have the energy to communicate where they are. They may rarely answer your texts or even respond to your calls.

2. No more love bombs — They no longer shower you with words of affection like before. They no longer want to put you on a pedestal because they think you’re not worth keeping.

3. Distance and coldness — You don’t appeal to them sexually anymore; they are just bored with what your body offers. They don’t want to spend time with you. They’re giving you this strong vibe that they don’t want to be near you.

4. They criticize you for everything — They may start criticizing you for everything you do and make harsh comments about your looks, behavior, and more than before. They point out how you are overdramatic, unintelligent, or needy. Everything you do irritates them or makes you feel more inadequate.

5. Your admiration and validation no longer work on them — You may try to shower them with praise and admiration, but it doesn’t really cool them down or feed their ego like before. You may surrender all your boundaries, but they are not even interested or bothered anymore. You may cry over them or confess your undying love for them, but they don’t care at all.

6. They no longer hide their behavior — Another sign that they may be done with you is if they start showing you their true colors without really caring much about the consequences. They may flirt with others or share suggestive photos, tell you they’ve been manipulating you, or even tell you they’re narcissists. They don’t really want to hide anymore because they’re just disinterested in you.

7. Having a new relationship — You will know they’re finished with you when they’re now spending most of the time with their new supply. They are excited about their new relationship, and they are busy with their newly-found “love.”

8. They no longer try to convince you to stay — If you threaten to leave, they may no longer beg you to stay like before. They don’t really care what you do.


A narcissist is never really done with you; they can come knocking at your door anytime they feel like supplying their needs. There is no time limit on when they will come back to you or hoover you back into the relationship. The only one who can be done with the narcissist is you. If you’re still in that abusive relationship, view their disinterest as an opportunity for you to plan your exit. Do not waste your time trying to make the relationship work. Instead, use that time to take care of yourself.

If you lack the inner strength to leave, secretly seek counseling or help. If you don’t have the resources, look for a job or start studying that course. If you don’t have a support network, start building one. Use their disinterest as your chance to rise up and take your power back. You cannot resolve a relationship with a narcissist.

Your body and mind will convince you that you can still make it work, but you don’t have to listen to it. Your thoughts and beliefs are distorted, so it’s like using a broken compass to find the true north. They will mislead you. Listen to those painful emotions and the anger you have towards them, and you will start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

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