How Do You Deal with Someone Who Gaslights You Constantly?

How Do You Deal with Someone Who Gaslights You Constantly? how do you deal with someone who gaslights you constantly?
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Today, I’ll be addressing the question of how to deal with someone who constantly gaslights you. This person could be your parent, partner, friend, or anyone who consistently distorts your perception of reality. Gaslighting involves undermining your sense of reality, making you doubt your own perceptions and beliefs.

When dealing with someone who gaslights you, the first step is to limit your exposure to them. Repeated exposure to someone trying to distort your reality can be harmful. If possible, distance yourself from the person, especially if it’s someone you can avoid, like a distant parent. Although it might initially feel painful, limiting contact is a protective measure to safeguard your perception of reality.

Another crucial aspect is to stay rooted in what you see and know to be true. Trust your own observations and perceptions. If, for example, you can see that it’s morning because the sun is rising, don’t let someone else’s contrary narrative influence your belief. Trust your own judgment and stay connected to your reality.

Staying rooted also involves maintaining firm boundaries. Clearly define what you can tolerate from others and what you cannot. Identify your values and needs, and understand when someone is crossing those boundaries. When people overstep, push them back or, in extreme cases, consider cutting them off. Understanding and respecting your own boundaries is key to preserving your sense of reality.

Gaslighting is subtle and doesn’t happen overnight; it occurs gradually. Even individuals with high self-esteem can fall victim to it. To combat gaslighting, maintain a high level of self-awareness, be sure of yourself, and limit exposure to those who attempt to distort your reality.

Remember, it’s essential to believe in your own truth and stay true to your perceptions. No matter how many people insist on a different version of reality, trusting in your own observations and maintaining strong boundaries will help you resist gaslighting.

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