Healing Story 5 #Christine — When You Are used to Seeking Approval and Validation from Men and…

Healing Story 5 #Christine — When You Are used to Seeking Approval and Validation from Men and… healing story 5 #christine — when you are used to seeking approval and validation from men and…
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When you’ve lived most of your life jumping from one relationship to another or looking for that ‘love’ to really feel loved, you will think that there is someone out there for you that will take all the pain away. Because you’re used to seeking approval and validation, from outside you may end up making a lot of mistakes like unwanted pregnancies and more. You will always be resentful because no one call really meet your expectations. Today, I’d like to share client story of how Christine went from being very stuck and unhappy in life, a place she couldn’t even think it was possible to a place of peace and being sure of herself.

1. What was happening in your life at the time you decided to work with me? (describe in detail)

I was going through the stress of an unplanned pregnancy coupled with rejection from the male involved. And more including joblessness, falling out with my parents, my colleagues and more.

2. Explain your problem in detail. (how did it feel, what was it like to have the problem, how was life for you having this problem, how long had you had it for)

It was extremely stressful. I was confused and hurt, heartbroken etc. It was going on for 3 months.

3. How had you tried to fix it in the past? Why do you think the way you tried failed?

I used to deal with difficult situations stressfully and angrily. It never worked because I just got really bitter with people in the end and hated people.

4. How would describe the entire experience with me (in detail)

Therapy with Eddy was healing. During every session I discovered new things. It was like rivers of living water flowing from within and there was great healing. Times I paused and really appreciated what he was doing. It’s like giving me my life back

5. How do you feel now after the sessions?

Lighter, and happier. Very peaceful too. I realized that when I am at peace I am able to make better decisions. I understand people that is how I became more empathetic.

6. When you think about your life now, what are you most looking forward to?

Growth. To make better choices in life. And to conquer what conquered me in the past.

7. What would you say to people who are putting off fixing their problems and frustrations in life?

Just start… And I hope you land in the hands of a person that is truly loving like Eddy and willing to help you out.

8. What was the most important thing for you in achieving success with your session/s with me

To become a better person for myself. To understand myself and overcome certain patterns in life I didn’t liken that I have always hoped to conquer independently.

Thank you, hope you’ve enjoyed this wonderful interview. All responses are straight from the clients (with no edits- only name have been altered to protect the identity of the client). If you’d like to be a success story, just book in a free breakthrough call with me here and if I can be of help I’ll show you how (there is no guarantee on specific results or outcomes from services as there are many variables that will impact your success). I will be sharing more of this ++ my fails also so that it can show you what’s possible when healing from abuse and demystify some of the myths cycling around with regards to healing from the past. It will also be helping me grow my skills and improve my clients’ transformations.

Psst! It doesn’t matter how stuck you think you’re, you think you’re stuck because your thoughts are from the past but once you heal you get a fresh pair of eyes to see that you even have solutions and choices even in the darkest part of your life. It all takes your commitment and you really wanting this on a deeper, the rest is just showing up for that call.

Happy healing!!

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