Healing from Abuse: How Do You Get Your Money from Your Abusive Ex After Breakup?

Healing from Abuse: How Do You Get Your Money from Your Abusive Ex After Breakup? healing from abuse: how do you get your money from your abusive ex after breakup?
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Today I’ll be addressing the question of how to reclaim items from your abusive ex, especially if they owe you money or still have some of your possessions. These are indeed very challenging situations. The first thing to understand is that if you’re logically going to retrieve those items, let’s say they have your bags, never do it alone. Don’t go there thinking, “Because we have a past together, it’s okay; I’ll just go and take them.” The best thing to do is, if you know they don’t have a history of becoming violent (of course, if it’s a violent case, that’s a different scenario), go with a friend or someone else.

This is crucial because sometimes trying to pick up your things might reignite old emotions and draw you back into the relationship. Feelings can be fragile, and a small trigger might bring you back into the dynamics. So, instead of going alone, especially if you haven’t fully healed, bring a friend and collect your belongings to help maintain your emotional distance.

Another consideration is if you feel they are in a state where they could be physically violent and have the ability to manipulate the system or exert control. In such cases, it might be better to leave it for the time being and return later with a solution. Safety should be a priority, especially if you’re dealing with someone who has manipulated the system or has power. Assess the situation and prioritize your safety; it might be better to maintain no contact and return when conditions are safer.

When dealing with an ex, especially if you’re still harboring bitterness, sadness, or anger, acting out of emotions can lead to irrational decisions. Emotional reactions may cause regrettable actions or even result in additional expenses, such as fines or legal consequences. Stepping back, centering yourself, and thinking rationally will help you find practical solutions. It’s essential to approach the situation with a clear mind to avoid making decisions that could further complicate matters.

If you decide to go with a friend, but still feel hesitant, take the time to heal before revisiting the situation. This approach allows you to evaluate the legal options available and consult with others for guidance. When it comes to financial matters, seeking advice on how to reclaim money owed can be helpful. Understanding the rational steps to take will ensure a more measured and strategic approach. Remember that your safety is a priority. While you can reclaim your possessions and address financial matters in the future, your well-being is more precious.

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