Do you Love Them or You’re just Angry they Don’t Meet Your Expectations?

Do you Love Them or You’re just Angry they Don’t Meet Your Expectations? do you love them or you’re just angry they don’t meet your expectations?
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Have you ever noticed something about relationships or when you’re attracted to someone? Sometimes you might get angry if they don’t pick up your calls, don’t want to be with you, or don’t meet your expectations. Let’s say you’re chasing someone you’re attracted to, but they don’t meet your expectations or reciprocate your feelings, and you get angry. Then you think, “I love them so much; that’s why I’m doing this.” Is that really love, or are you just afraid?

Actually, when you get angry because someone isn’t meeting your expectations or being what you want them to be, it means the issue is within you. It’s not really because you love them; it’s because if you don’t have them, you feel angry. This anger often comes from an unmet need. So, when they don’t want you or don’t reciprocate, it triggers some deep-seated anger within you.

Instead of pursuing them and getting angry and frustrated because they don’t love you back, you need to look at yourself and the anger you’re feeling. Ask yourself, “Why am I angry?” Remember, the other person is an independent human being. Why do you have these expectations? When you have expectations, you’re likely to be disappointed. By doing this, you’ll gradually start to understand and feel the anger deep inside.

Feeling angry and resentful when someone doesn’t pick up your phone calls or doesn’t want to be with you doesn’t mean you love them so much. It means you’re angry with yourself, and that person might be triggering feelings of fear of rejection or abandonment. We sometimes mistake this for love, affection, or care. You can’t solve the problem by being angry because the anger is within you.

When someone does something that goes against your values, there’s genuine anger, but the constant anger you feel means there’s something you need to work on within yourself.

You have to really release the anger within you first because even if you get the relationship, you’ll find yourself probably hurting the other person or other people because the anger will still be there, boiling inside. You just want to run away from this emotion, and running away here is jumping into another relationship thinking you love them so much. So, focus on your anger. The one who’s carrying this anger, this load, is just you. It’s a stored emotion you have neglected for a very long time or you’ve never allowed yourself to feel.

In short, when someone doesn’t meet your expectations and you get really mad, it’s not just about their actions. They’re triggering your own deep insecurities and fears. See this as an opportunity to let go of these emotions so you can feel lighter. It’s weighing you down and eating you up inside.

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