Do Narcissists Return After Several months of the Silent Treatment?

Do Narcissists Return After Several months of the Silent Treatment? do narcissists return after several months of the silent treatment?
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Dealing with a narcissist is not easy, and one thing they may do is go silent on you for a couple of months or even years (mostly if they are in a different state or country). They may cut off communication with you completely, ignore your calls or texts as if you’ve never been in their lives. You see them online, but they are just totally ignoring you. You start chasing them or bombarding them with messages and apologies for things you’ve done or not done.

They may go silent on you for many reasons, like being bored with the relationship, or maybe they’ve found new supply, or just as a way of manipulating you. Regardless of the reason, it will leave you anxious, worried, and confused about what you need to do. It inflicts pain on you or triggers those uncomfortable feelings deep inside. You just want closure or any sort of communication from them to ease those concerns.

So, the question is, do narcissists come back even after long periods of silent treatment or after ghosting you? Yes, there’s a 100% chance they’ll come back knocking at your door as if nothing happened, or with an answer you will ‘automatically’ believe. There’s no absolute time limit preventing the narc from coming back after going silent on you. If there’s one thing that will drive the narcissist to come back to you, it is to supply their needs.

They will come back, especially if their supply is not guaranteed elsewhere, or just to make sure you’ve not locked them out or ‘froze’ your supply. Supply is their oxygen, and they will want to keep it at all costs. They may still want you for sex, money, admiration, or anything that satisfies their ego. They may be having issues with their ‘other relationship’ and come to use you for consolation or as a fallback plan. It’s all about continuous and ‘stable’ supply.

Another reason they may come back after extensive silent treatment is they know your actions after the silent treatment will be a massive boost to their ego. They know you will ‘behave’ and treat them the way they want to. The silent treatment left you questioning yourself and confused, which means that you may end up pampering the narcissist more or even ignoring some of their abusive ways because you don’t want to lose them again.

In conclusion, the only one who can keep the manipulator out of your life is you. The moment you’ve figured them out, just work on yourself and look for the best way out of the relationship. Their silent treatment is an opportunity for you to seek therapy and regain that inner strength. It’s an opportunity for you to start looking at how the relationship is affecting you mentally and physically. Don’t wait for them to come back, but instead, build the strength and courage to cut them off from your life for good.

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