Do Narcissist Come Back After Ghosting You for A long Time?

Do Narcissist Come Back After Ghosting You for A long Time? do narcissist come back after ghosting you for a long time?
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Being ghosted by someone who you consider as your partner has to be one of the most excruciatingly painful experiences. One day, things are just going along as somewhat normal in the relationship, and then suddenly — radio silence. Your partner pulls a complete disappearing act, leaving you hanging without a word of explanation.

No calls, no texts, no closure whatsoever. It’s like they became a literal ghost, vanishing into thin air without any trace. It’s actually quite common when I interact with people who are in toxic relationships, when they describe how their partners sometimes just ghost them for months without even a single word leaving them confused and not knowing what to do.

With a narcissist, this ghosting behavior is extra cruel because it’s not just about them needing space or personally struggling with something. For them, it’s a more calculated way to inflict maximum harm by abruptly depriving you of any answers or sense of resolution especially when you’re having clear concerns with them.

Maybe you unknowingly did something “wrong” that triggered their need to punish you with this extreme disappearing act. Or maybe they’ve simply moved on to a shiny new source of supply but aren’t mature enough to officially end things first. Or even, it could just be another messed up power play where they get off and disappear so that you can go around looking for them desperately wanting that communication.

They can do it for other number of reasons, but being ghosted is profoundly confusing and scary. And for those who’ve experienced it, you’re left feeling discarded and worthless, obsessively replaying every interaction to make sense of something that never will make sense.

Which inevitably leads to the question: Will they ever actually come back and reach out again after this awful disappearing act? The harsh truth is, there’s no definite way to know for sure. Every situation is different.

So, some narcissists are known to cyclically try to reignite things months or years down the line, usually through over-the-top love bombing or hoovering attempts like everything is perfectly normal. It’s like they never left in the first place.

One perplexing experience I heard about last week was shared by someone whose abusive partner made a sudden and unexpected move. While they were at work, the partner packed up all their belongings — furniture, household items, everything — and moved out using a truck, without saying a word. Naturally, the person was relieved, thinking that the nightmare was finally over. However, just a few days later, the abusive partner returned with all the stuff they had taken and settled back into the house as if nothing had happened.

You simply cannot fully comprehend their motives which even leaves you in further distress and uncertainty. For them, it can be about maintaining that sense of control by keeping you desperately hoping and clinging to the relationship as you satisfy their needs.

Other narcs fully commit to the discard, cutting you off entirely from any possibility of their return because the new supply they’ve found is more enticing. These are the ones who don’t look back and leave you out in the cold for good. They may still keep you as a backup, but there’s no way to confirm if they’re fully gone or just temporarily away from your life. There is only one solution: you have to take responsibility and keep them away for good.

So rather than driving yourself crazy speculating about whether the ghoster will come back or not comeback again, the better focus is on using this awful “gift of distance” as an opportunity to begin removing yourself from the toxic situation entirely.

I know, I know — that’s way easier said than done. Leaving can feel utterly terrifying when there’s that inkling in the back of your mind that this person might potentially resurface and this clouds your good judgment. It can be paralyzing when you don’t know if it’s over or not but there’s only one aspect you’ve got to understand, it was always over the moment they started manipulating and toying with you.

Another bitter pill you have to swallow is that they may never really give you that closure and even if they do it will be a vague closure which won’t quench your quest for answers. Narcissists rely on keeping you stuck in that confusing negative space as a form of control. The only real closure you’ll ever get is deciding firmly for yourself that you deserve a million times better than being treated as disposable by someone with a deeply distorted worldview.

While you can’t control whether the ghoster haunts you again, you absolutely can control separating yourself from that painful situation. Use this time to put practical, methodical exits in place — secure your finances, cut off communication channels, lean hard on your support system. Don’t leave the door cracked open for this person to keep ruining your life.

Will it be massively difficult to take those self-preserving steps? Of course. But you have an inner strength that’s greater than this narcissist’s ability to abandon you. By committing to prioritize your self-worth over their mind games, you can forge a healthier ending to this nightmare on your own courageous terms.

The ghost may one day try dragging their wilted soul across your path again. But by putting in the work now, you can exorcise them for good and move forward to a peace they could never provide. The pain won’t disappear overnight, but you’ll get there — it’s possible to heal once you commit to it.

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