Can Someone with Low Self-Esteem have a healthy Relationship?

Can Someone with Low Self-Esteem have a healthy Relationship? can someone with low self-esteem have a healthy relationship?
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Today I’d like to answer this question: can someone with low self-esteem have a healthy relationship? Self-esteem is the feeling that you are worthy, that you have value, or that you have a purpose or a sense of importance in life. So it’s more generally like having a good relationship with yourself.

It’s really hard to have a healthy relationship when you have low self-esteem, but sometimes you might find a great partner who will support you and help you build your self-esteem. They can help you grow and improve your self-esteem but those are rare occasions and doesn’t just happen. Let’s first understand the steps to get to that healthy relationship. When you have low self-esteem, it means you can’t assert your boundaries or needs. People will take advantage of you. You might seem confident on the outside, but inside you struggle.

When you have low self-esteem, people who are good at exploiting others will target you because they know you won’t say no. You won’t set boundaries or prioritize yourself; you’ll prioritize them instead. So, when you’re dating or looking for a relationship, you’ll be very vulnerable to manipulative people because you don’t put yourself first.

This also makes it hard to attract or maintain a healthy relationship because you’ll end up with people who only give you superficial validation, not those who allow you to express your true self. They’ll provide you with gifts, they’ll love bomb you, they’ll take you places, but they’ll just offer you these superficial features because those are the things you enjoy, not the things which challenge you on a deeper level. That’s what low self-esteem looks like.

Also, you will be desperate to keep that relationship because you don’t believe in yourself deeply. You doubt yourself and feel unworthy. You might reach a point where you believe you don’t deserve a healthy relationship, thinking it’s not for you or people like you because you have a low sense of self-worth.

So when you have those beliefs, it will be really hard for you to keep a healthy relationship or to leave a toxic relationship. Even if you find yourself in a healthy relationship, you may find ways to sabotage it because it’s not something you are used to. You feel like an outsider; you may be paranoid or suspicious because you feel like an imposter in the relationship. It’s not your thing. You feel like you deserve places where people hurt you, places that reinforce what you deeply believe about yourself.

So instead of looking for a relationship when you have low self-esteem, the best place to start is to find that esteem first. Find that value in yourself. Believe in yourself more because the more you do that, the more you realize that a new relationship can be an escape from seeing yourself for what you are, from seeing the emptiness inside. Yes, you can find a supportive partner, which is okay, but sometimes, most times, you will find people who will just exploit you. So it’s better to take matters into your own hands and take full responsibility for your life in the present moment. If you have low self-esteem, work on it.

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