Can a Narcissist Fake an Entire Long-Term Relationship?

Can a Narcissist Fake an Entire Long-Term Relationship? can a narcissist fake an entire long-term relationship?
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The question of whether a narcissist can maintain a facade throughout an entire relationship is a fascinating one. Often, we ponder this because there are moments in the relationship when everything seems genuine, especially during the love-bombing phase. This is when they shower you with affection, make promises of a future together, and cater to your desires. But here’s the harsh truth: it’s all a charade.

Narcissists are masters of manipulation. They construct an elaborate facade to impress and entice you, mirroring your deepest desires and emotions. However, this mirroring isn’t genuine; it’s a tactic to achieve their own ends. They may mimic your values, engage in deep conversations, and validate your feelings, all to create the illusion of a profound connection. But beneath this layer lies a false foundation built on deception. So, once you leave the relationship and look back to this or to the love bombing phase of the relationship, you will really think that there was an aspect of authenticity in the relationship.

Relationships and Pretense

In everyday life, it’s common for people to hide parts of themselves or act in ways they think will make others like them. We wear these “masks” to keep the peace, make a good impression, or guard our emotions. Especially at the start of a relationship, we tend to put our best foot forward, showing off our strengths and downplaying our weaknesses. It’s like we’re trying to win the other person over by being our most appealing selves.

But underneath all that effort to look good, there’s still the real us, flaws and all. So, it’s not just narcissists who put on a ‘mask’ in the relationship, most of us do it to some degree. For example, people-pleasing itself is a form of deceit, as it involves prioritizing others’ happiness over our own authenticity.

Deep Insecurity and Putting on A Mask

When someone is insecure at their core, they often resort to wearing a mask to sustain a superficial relationship. In the case of being involved with a narcissist, the relationship is inherently artificial from the beginning, merely serving as a transaction where each party’s “needs” are fulfilled. It’s similar to a business deal, where the exchange of validation or other forms of emotional currency maintains the illusion of connection. However, beneath the surface, there’s a void of genuine emotional intimacy, as both individuals prioritize their own agendas over authentic connection.


Conclusion: You may try to analyze or convince yourself that certain aspects of the relationship were genuine, but that’s not the case. The present pain won’t dissipate until you confront it head-on and process your emotions in the present moment. Healing involves understanding the masks you wear and how you deceive yourself. Gradually, you’ll become more authentic and less susceptible to falling into abusive relationships.

So, can a narcissist fake an entire long-term relationship? Absolutely. However, instead of dwelling on their deceit, let’s focus on self-improvement and authenticity in all our relationships. Ultimately, true fulfillment stems from being genuine with ourselves, rather than clinging to illusions of connection.

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