7 Lies A Narcissist Wants You to Believe Are True

7 Lies A Narcissist Wants You to Believe Are True 7 lies a narcissist wants you to believe are true
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A narcissistic relationship is a web of deceit and manipulation. They will toy with your thoughts and feelings in quest for superiority and dominance over you. They will constantly feed you with lies and the more you stay in touch with them, the more you’ll start to believe that those lies are facts. The relationship in itself has left you traumatized and their lies are just about cementing the damage they’ve already inflicted.

When you start believing those lies, you’ll feel powerless to leave the relationship or to even imagine a life without them. You will want to prove a point to them or try harder and harder to make them say positive things about you. You’ve now attached your worth to what they say about you and this is what keeps you stuck with them.

The moment you leave the relationship, those lies they fed you with will have already been programmed in your mind and you will even think that “it’s just who you are”. All the lies they feed you with have a hidden truth behind them and that’s what we’ll shed some light on in this article. So, what are some of the lies a narcissist will want you to believe?

1. “You will Never Find Someone Else”

A narc wants to ruin your self-worth by convincing you that you’re flawed, unworthy of love and you will never find someone else. They may sarcastically say or throw negative remarks by saying, “Good luck finding someone else who treats you better that me”, “You’re getting old and ugly”. In real sense, their implication is manipulating you into believing that you are so lucky to have them and it’s all you’ve got.

They want to degrade you and stop you from realizing your self-worth so that you stick with them forever or you never rise above them. When you’ve been made to believe there’s no one out there for you, you’ll be so afraid to leave them and you will find yourself trying harder and harder to impress them. They may also try to convince you that you should be grateful to be in their presence.

2.You’re Mentally Unstable”

A narc will gaslight you to doubt yourself and question your sanity. They will also push you to the limit or press those buttons and at times you may find yourself reacting undesirably. You may break a few cups or be hysterical over what they’re putting you through.

They will then tell you that you’re mentally unstable and they will use that evidence as a justification for that statement. Also, they’ve mentally tortured you and you will find yourself feeling tired, unproductive or just zoning out through the day. The truth is they’ve emotionally abused you to the point you start feeling like you’ve really lost it.

3. “Everyone Else Agrees with Me on This”

A narc will always want to be right at all times and they cannot simply admit they’re wrong about something. When you try to argue with them, they will shut you down with a generalized statement just to show their ‘expertise.’ Their deep insecurity is just looking at being right instead of seeing the truth of the matter. It’s also an attempt to make you doubt yourself or feel like you’re the problem.


4. “Everybody Wants Me”

The other lie they want you to believe is that everybody wants to hang out or wants to sleep with them. They just project this image of being that one person who everyone craves to be with. It feeds their ego to feel wanted but all along they just manufacture it so that they can make you feel jealous or you can feel that you’ll be losing a gem if you leave them. Their superficial charm and deception will of course make you believe that everybody wants to be with them.

5. “I did this (e.g.) because of that…”

A narcissist will also want you to believe that there is a legit reason as to why they did something. When you question them about something you don’t like or for some undesirable behavior like cheating on you, they will always deflect it. They will not just accept and make amends as they don’t want to be seen as the problem.

They also want to escape being held accountable for their actions and you will find yourself believing that you’re to blame for their undesirable behaviors. They want you or another to be seen as the problem and them as the one who never does do anything wrong.

6. “I’ll change if you just give me another chance”

Narcissists tend to make empty promises that they’ll change their behavior so that you can stick to the relationship or you can keep supplying them with their needs. That’s not always the case as they never really show the willingness to change. They might temporarily show glimpses of change only for them to slip and go back to their old patterns.


They will want you to believe this so that you can keep your hope alive without knowing that you’re just falling into the hands of someone who doesn’t have a lasting desire to change their behaviors. It’s just another tactic that will keep you trapped in that relationship especially when they’re afraid of losing you or when you’re still a key supply to their needs. This false promise may make you feel remorseful and guilty if you end up leaving them.

7. “You’re Overreacting”

They want you to believe that your emotions and concerns are not valid. They may try to dismiss or minimize your emotions as irrational or exaggerated so that you can start doubting your own perceptions and feelings. This can be extremely damaging to your self-esteem and your ability to trust yourself. They do this so that you can stop believing in yourself and instead start relying on their judgment.


There are many lies that the narcissist will want you to believe and the moment you believe them you’re hooked into their reign of terror. When you’ve been programmed with these lies even after you’ve left them, you’ll find yourself lacking self-belief or even feeling that your current life is just a self-fulfilling prophecy of what the narcissist said.

The most common one is this belief that you will end up being alone if you leave them. This belief will ring in your head after you leave because you’ll be feeling lonely and at the same time you’re afraid of dating because of the fear that you will attract other toxic partners.

Actually, that’s what beliefs do, they always look for evidence in your present life to ‘prove’ themselves. So, do not listen to those negative beliefs or the voice of that narc in your head, just see them false believes that need to be dissolved. The narc programmed you to believe their lies and now you have to heal so that you can deprogram those false beliefs they’ve planted in you and reconnect with your authentic self.

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